Daily Archives: May 14, 2008

I Believe I can Fry

♦Yesterday, I woke up at eleven noon in the morning and found that I was left alone at home. No big deal, yes, I mean for a lousy teenager like me; I cooked for myself but the thing is I only cook anything that is with oil: egg, fries, Pancit Canton, sausage, hotdog and… Spam. There’s an issue with me staying at home with ready-to-cook groceries aside: I experiment. There was one time when I “cooked” SkyFlakes with vinegar for an oil substitute (even if we always have oil in the kitchen). And the taste? Ugh, it was like attending a Cueshé concert.Another one was when I had raw spaghetti noodles at home. And so I have drawn the idea of making a weird pasta treatment. I diced a fresh green apple, opened a can of tuna and tossed everything with the pasta. Voila- it tasted like heaven!!! No, I’m just kidding. Don’t ever try this recipe at home. Sayang lang, maraming batang hindi kumakain.

Anyway, yesterday I tried to follow the food design printed on the Spam’s wrapper. It was supposed to be macaroni & cheese plus Spam but I only got a cheese bar in the fridge. I ate it with rice, and it didn’t taste horrible naman. Actually, it’s coz I didn’t mess it up exaggeratedly like what I did in the vinegar-Skyflakes. And so I came up with this: ( + )