I Believe I can Fry

♦Yesterday, I woke up at eleven noon in the morning and found that I was left alone at home. No big deal, yes, I mean for a lousy teenager like me; I cooked for myself but the thing is I only cook anything that is with oil: egg, fries, Pancit Canton, sausage, hotdog and… Spam. There’s an issue with me staying at home with ready-to-cook groceries aside: I experiment. There was one time when I “cooked” SkyFlakes with vinegar for an oil substitute (even if we always have oil in the kitchen). And the taste? Ugh, it was like attending a Cueshé concert.Another one was when I had raw spaghetti noodles at home. And so I have drawn the idea of making a weird pasta treatment. I diced a fresh green apple, opened a can of tuna and tossed everything with the pasta. Voila- it tasted like heaven!!! No, I’m just kidding. Don’t ever try this recipe at home. Sayang lang, maraming batang hindi kumakain.

Anyway, yesterday I tried to follow the food design printed on the Spam’s wrapper. It was supposed to be macaroni & cheese plus Spam but I only got a cheese bar in the fridge. I ate it with rice, and it didn’t taste horrible naman. Actually, it’s coz I didn’t mess it up exaggeratedly like what I did in the vinegar-Skyflakes. And so I came up with this:

♥I’ve been in Friendster for like four years and as for now, I haven’t given so much “importance” on it as contrary to my Multiply and WordPress account. I’ve been ruminating on whether to dissolve it or just let it be. Ever since I came up with a blog and a Multiply, I never imagined how my life would be in the open… so much, like all other unaware Friendster users. It’s not that I’m so into the Internet and so full of myself but ye know, I think about it this way: In Multiply, it’s rather a haven of extended social networks and not doomed for stranger dating; in WordPress, you can screen and keep every data in store; but in Friendster, anyone can see you. And for one thing, Friendster is soooo high school.

♠I’m so disappointed on Heroes Season Two; it was bruised, cramped and uneventful. It contained so many stories but very few questions were answered in the eleven fuckin’ episodes. No thanks to the writers’ strike, I’m just sittin’ here anticipating for an electrifying third season which I’ve read would air on September this year. Argh, that’d be a good gift for my birthday.

I love the new characters. With a very lethal yet loathed power, I love how Maya panics and then she suddenly kills everyone around her unintentionally. A blockmate said that it isn’t too safe to be a friend of hers. Lol. To add, a high school friend chattered, “Tae iyon. Mag-panic lang, pumapatay na. Paano na lang ‘pag nag-brownout?!” Lol! But still, I love how she delivers her Spanish[?] lines.

Elle Bishop (the sardonic bitch) is so fun and irritating at the same time. In Season Three, I look forward to an Elle-Claire match. Whoa, man!!! Adam Monroe is the coolest villain of all. It’s much of not getting scared at him like Sylar’s stares but watching his every move is the catch. Peter Petrelli this time is a dumb ass- I hate him. Why would a moron flirt around with a new-found girlfriend while his family and friends are all looking for him? On Niki Sanders, I absolutely hope that she won’t die after the firetrap cliffhanger; I wished that Mohinder Suresh just would kick the bucket instead. I hate his character: Loser, asinine- the fact that he’s a geneticist.

♣I’m coming back to Manila again for org reasons these coming days. And for the clueless, yes, tuloy na tuloy ang UP MCO SEND-OFF PARTY!!! ☻


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. dumb ass = bakayarou
    youre right about friendster!
    yun ung purpose ko, para makita ng lahat!
    ahaha.. sa multiply naman ako nagtatago..
    suka and skyflakes!?!

  2. I suck at cooking. Me too, the only thing that I can do with a pan is to fry. Lol. By the way, exchange link? 😀

  3. to jmar: sure

  4. Thanks! I linked you already! 😀

  5. arryt, thanks.

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