David Cooking!!!

Tang ina mo, David Cook! Pinakaba mo ‘ko akala ko dadaigin ka na ni D-Arch. I was completely mad at my room watching you edged by Archuleta’ “diva” performances. And you? You spend all your time performing non-stellar, forgettable, suicidal songs… I almost cried not getting you for American Idol this time. But again, congratulations! And to my fellow fans!

Patty says via SMS

“Cook won round one for me. The rest can go to Archie even Cook put up a fab fight. I want Archie to win. Cook doesn’t need this.”

Harry says via SMS

“I have faith that there are people like me, who wants to break the conventional singing contest vibe.”

Andreo says via SMS

“It was like Erik Santos getting the title instead of Sheryn Regis (with her with the poker face).”

Kathy says via SMS

“Cook showed that he’s very versatile!”

I was more of a loser than Anne who haven’t watched the entire thing. I was found babysitting my one-year-old nephew while watchin’ it. In short, I had no full concentration. And I guess like what Kea said, Archie’s going to spend his career in Disney movies. I must admit: My Paulinian friends and I have been always rooting for Cook!

And is Renaldo Lapuz Pinoy? WTF?!∞

I liked Ruben Studdard with the AVP. But seriously, what does “Celebrate Me Home” even mean??

Join me kneel to bliss as I declare that I’m gonna miss the contestants and their one-of-a-kind performances. Brooke’s piano, Cook’s rocker fashion, Ramiele’s height, Carly’s stares, Kristy Lee’s comments from the judges. Even if others dispute that these people were not really the best of the best, I’m going for it. I must say: Favorite Season Ever.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. jason castro!?

  2. what’s with him? whatre you askin.

  3. hail his hotness.

    waking up at 9, just to hear who will win this season’s AI,
    is all worth it.
    go mr. rocker.

    *blushing*he rocks my world.
    *total fan girl.*

  4. hahaha, finally, the admission. im glad archie “the gay boy” went home.

  5. Harrylarious

    Well, I told you to have faith,

  6. yes, i know!!!!!!!!!! im so looking forward to his career from now on. my eternal dream: a rocker winning idol.

  7. I’m a Cook fan too! Congrats to Cook and to us, his fans. Lol. Tama bang murahin si David Cook? Hehehe. Kawawa nga si Archey eh, akala nya knockout na, pero talo pala sya. Hehe.

  8. i’m not for cook! haha!! bkt ba? without winning the competition,he has the name ‘DAVID COOK” who sang “always be my baby”

  9. to jmar: minumura ko siya nang totohanan nung finale show-off. like shit.

    to iris: music of the night has been my fave!

  10. Yesterday, during our break, nanood yung mga classmates ko dun sa visitor’s lounge para panoorin yung announcement of the winner. Nung sinabe ni Ryan, sumigaw daw sila. Haha. Nakakahiya sila because there were so many people there. Haha.

    w00t! Cook Rocks!

  11. you wanna know what’s the greatest idol story of all? nang tumili tili yung friend ko sa haus nila after cook was announced winner… dumating yung mga tanod/sekyu sa village nila!!! lol.

  12. alm k nah
    xa tlga mana2lo

    yehey 😀

  13. yehey talaga!!!

  14. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Milkshake!

  15. the point is that i altogether with my friends was happy that cook won. all the rest are purely ramblings. =)

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