It All Leads Down To Wendy’s

Basically, I spent more than a week in Manila (yes, I’m in the province now!) to comply with the perpetual pressures from one of my organizations: UP MCO (thanks to the exhausting FOPC stuff). I was a complete incommunicado for our Vice Chair Rach which makes me guilty to death. And alas, planning for the send-off party was all ditzy having their director (me) miles away from my members (Special Events Team). Believe me: If there were no mobile phones or the Internet, I could have forced myself to learn ultimate telepathy and/or teleportation, or could have been impeached for apparent worthlessness.

So if you think I just evaporated for a while, see this pictoblog I made which I wanna call evidences of existence. Lol.

MAY 17 – The UP MCO send-off party was held in Nel‘s place in Quezon City. Good enough, about 20 people attended and half were alumni. We started the party at four and ended it at nine. I especially want to thank those who helped set-up the event, thanks for bearing with an invisible mastermind. Although, I was quite disappointed that circumstances such as the typhoon, internships, etc. hampered some who RSVPed to come for well.. not attending. But I totally understand. Si Ate Wap nga eh, naoversleep daw kaya di nakarating. Lol! Sayang yung fud, kundi inuwi ni Ate Nen who’s in the neighborhood, whew! The other send-off pictures are HERE.

He’s our Chairperson. “I told you, sabi nga ni Chesa, Nel is anything but polite.”

Rach (VC) and Nel (Business Affairs). Rach is the girl who cried, “Wolf!”

MAY 23 – So we went to Rach‘s place in Valenzuela (I fondly called “retreat house,” peace!!!) via Kay’s car, to finally plan the semester ahead for UP MCO as the elected members of the Executive Board. Yelp now coz (pre)June to September will be crazy! Every month, there are goin’ to be a lot of things to, not just pull-off but to, make it grand and suave.

Kay (Research and Academic Training), Patty (Media and Public Relations) and Che (Human Resources). Patty (to the girls), “Guys, Kay’s waistline is 21! Everyone- hate her! Bitch.” Lol. But of course, tis a joke.

Ela (Executive Secretary) and Barry (Special Events). I’m with Angel Locsin!!!!!!! Lol, kidding.

And you might be asking right now, “What’s up with the Wendy’s Frosties advertisements?” Nope, these aren’t paid posters or whatever: There’s an inside joke about it. Lol! And I’m laughing my ass off so hard I can’t elaborate na. =P Sem-planning pics can be found HERE.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. grabe naman yung incommunicado, nagrereply ka naman. paminsan-minsan nga lang. ^-^

    wag mo nang isikreto yung wendy’s story. kinuwento na ni dreo eh

  2. lol!

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