Daily Archives: May 27, 2008

Wer Na U? D2 Na Me

When Globe’s TxtNonStop promo struck the premises of teenage fad on 2005, we all got hooked. Don’t hell deny! For all I know, I remember SMSing “Txtnonstop 15” to 2870 and get unlimited messaging to fellow Globe subscribers. The assumption was all over my schoolmates’ routine. After Sun Cellular’s popularity on 2004 (even if almost all my classmates switched to Sun I didn’t, therefore I was kinda alienated), Globe was all-crazy! And I’d get at least fifteen messages in my mobile phone from people when I’d wake up; most consists of morning greetings and some are vague forwarded quotes.

I really liked the idea of unlimited SMS because at most points: situations of emergency or boredom or fast dissemination, it was all handy. It was very practical for parent-offspring, lovers, gossipers and friends. I especially am grateful that it was very much used after high school graduation: Our class never lost contact to each other since then. ( Sweiiit!!! )