Wer Na U? D2 Na Me

When Globe’s TxtNonStop promo struck the premises of teenage fad on 2005, we all got hooked. Don’t hell deny! For all I know, I remember SMSing “Txtnonstop 15” to 2870 and get unlimited messaging to fellow Globe subscribers. The assumption was all over my schoolmates’ routine. After Sun Cellular’s popularity on 2004 (even if almost all my classmates switched to Sun I didn’t, therefore I was kinda alienated), Globe was all-crazy! And I’d get at least fifteen messages in my mobile phone from people when I’d wake up; most consists of morning greetings and some are vague forwarded quotes.

I really liked the idea of unlimited SMS because at most points: situations of emergency or boredom or fast dissemination, it was all handy. It was very practical for parent-offspring, lovers, gossipers and friends. I especially am grateful that it was very much used after high school graduation: Our class never lost contact to each other since then. Sweiiit!

There’s also a thing I hated about it. There was a time in Senior year when people whom I don’t know come to SMS you and play “I wanna be your friend. Can you guess who am I?” WTF. With an anti-social perspective, I never liked playing games like those. There was this Junior girl then who began SMSing me weeks before prom and after the actual night, she SMSed me that indeed, I had a dance with her. Not that I remember everything, right?! And I was irate. A few of my kabarkada usually entertain people who SMS them… people whom they don’t know. And I really find it weird. The same feeling provokes to my spine when I see people publicizing their names and mobile phones on tabloids just to get, ugh, textmates. But again, it’s just plainly old-school me.

Anywan, it was great news for Txtnonstop fans that the fad will go on, no longer a promo; in short it’ll be literally ‘unlimited!’ Now that’s cool. I was a worshipper of Unlitxt25 then. Ang yaman naman ng Globe, I thought. And then after some time, more news circulated that Unlimitxt shall go waft! As in, there’d be no Unlimitxt!!! And whatever happened since, there came Unlitxt which was another upgrade that goes hand in hand with the budget. You need 20 bucks to unli yourself for a day, 40 for two fuckin’ days and 80 for four! I was hugely disappointed like everyone else. It’s gone less economy-friendly.

I remember having watched my budget clearly after reading last summer of 2007 Bikoy’s post about his expenses. He wrote that he only spared 100 for a month for his load. And I was like, “I can’t survive with that!” Feeling ko tuloy, ang gastos ko. Magastos ang school, so I contemplated on having communication aside muna. But true enough, I clutched to stinginess as I did the same thing. I bought a 100 Globe prepaid card and decided strongly to myself that no matter what happens, I will act very tipid. And as the abnormality went through, I surrendered after three weeks. Mahirap siya pag kailangan mo talaga ng communication and thus, usually school-related. Fuck.

And so the saga goes on: I’m still loyal to Globe because of it. I have never gone Smart or Sun. There are also informal debates that unlimited texting caused purely irrelevant messages, casual things that won’t make your day. Being a major miserly before Txtnonstop, I remember SMSing so many characters in one message to call it sulit and somehow heartfelt. From there, stories come smooth and they make a really good virtual conversation. Well if I didn’t know any better, those days are gone.


Anyway, if you are a UP student/alumni, you might wanna join this (I viewed from UtakGAGO) THING. Click now!


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. what to do when you receive annoying quotes? DON’T REPLY. just simple. let them send you all the stupid messages they have in store, then later on they’ll realize you’re simply not interested.

    wala lang. since this unli thing started, i have been receiving annoying stuff. people from HS mistake my silence to shunning them. i tell them i only reply to personal and original messages. parang sa email lang. haha. (okay i’m not making sense anymore.)

  2. THANKS 🙂 for spreading the news. Kung may org pics ka dyan – send na! Publicity din yun. Hahaha. 😀

    I’m not really a texter type of a person (except kung may group meetings or emergency stuff). May GlobeRewards dati at bente lang ata nakuha ko dahil hindi ako talaga nagpapaload. LOL.

  3. to rach:of course, you’re making sense. heheh. may time na meron talaga yung super SMS na nakakaflood.,annoying right.

    to utakgago: org pics?! tama! lol.

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