Idol-Seven Hit Chart

Okay, so here are my top twenty favorite American Idol Season Seven performances (ang haba lang naman!) featuring the top twelve (minus Chikezie whom I didn’t like very much that too bad he didn’t reach my counter, oops!). They’re in my Youtube favorites and I guess most of these are the others’ faves too, or yours? In some silly attempt, I also have a few acclaimed horrible performances which happened to be personally likable. Check these out, dawg!

My Top 20 Idol Performances

20. In My Life.
So what, if it was hell boring? Ramiele Malubay gives exclamation points to the word ‘control.’ This is the perfect music when you’re downright upset or when you’re feelin’ empty. It’ll stir you to serenity in the end. I liked this arrangement better than the original, for all honesty.

19. Anyway.
You might be wondering, “Why is Kristy Lee Cook in Barry’s list?!” Well, stop wondering; so am I. So KL boldly swallowed all of America’s odium when David Hernandez went before her. And after those weeks, she’s been concentrating on satisfying the question “How would I defend my Top Twelve position if the only effective ammunitions I have are my blonde hair and some puffs of Dolly Parton-dioxide?” And with “Anyways,” she whooshed to claiming herself worthy. In this performance, she actually looked hot.

18. Love is a Battlefield.
I really loved every Brooke White performance. Even if she looked totally awkward in “Here Comes the Sun,” her singing was all apt. She’s one of my early favorites. There’s something about her voice that keeps me singing along, I dunno. Anyway, compared to Carrie Underwood’s version of this Pat Benatar classic, Brooke’s is more moving and it’s totally original.

17. I Hate Myself for Loving You.
I can’t comment on this any further: The pre-top-12 stage, as we all know, fits so little space- so dancing and belting rock can’t be easy but Amanda “Rawker Nurse” Overmyer does it with the ‘moonwalk’ dance step. ‘Heh! Heh!”

16. It’s All Wrong but its Alright.
At first, I really disliked Michael Johns. But after “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” (which would be in my top 25 btw), I immediately liked him for being so courageous to sing that medley. In “It’s All Wrong…” it’s actually cool that he managed to gain praises not for bein’ a huge-voiced Jennifer Hudson (“Circle of Life”) but for bein’ a sultry Ruben Studdard (“Superstar”). Go Michael’s ascot! Lol.

15. One Rock and Roll, Too Many.
Pretty in red, Syesha Mercado! You see, my usual contemplation that she doesn’t deserve getting any further was completely effaced after having watched this.

14. Hallelujah.
I like Jason Castro’s attire. Yun lang. And the gasps. Lol.

13. With You.
I really have a problem with David Archuleta’s voice. I find it forcefully semi-nasal to the extent that I believed that he had gulped a bagpipe for American Idol. And definitely, singing rhythm and blues marked the finish line of my skepticism.

12. Come Together.
Carly Smithson’s rockin’ the house now. And the aesthetic transformation becomes very evident. Plus the vocals, wow.

11. Papa was a Rolling Stone.
This is the main reason that made David Hernandez’s early elimination unexpected and startling. Move aside, KL.

10. Billie Jean.
Like “Imagine,” this one climbed up to Entertainment Weekly’s Top 15 Idol performances. Whoa, David Cook! Hitting history so early!

9. I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.
Again, DC hits my chart (what’s new?!). I think all of us have been anticipating this song match: Thank you producers! Even if I somehow found it a bit overdone, I still liked it.

8. If I were Your Woman.
This is Syesha’s power. No one can beat her with targeting the notes so precisely. And yes, the emotions reflect this time.

7. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.
After this performance, Ramiele rolled down the hill. This is a far cry from her “Alone,” for goodness’ sake! I think this performance had her receive the most flattering comments from the judges ever on Idol. And it seemed that she really felt the song. And another thing, it was very pleasant to hear.

6. Imagine.
After I heard him do this one, I immediately googled the lyrics and printed it. D-Arch performed this twice- lately in the finale which almost asserted him as the eventual winner. And that time, I felt David Cook’s only gonna be a runner-up. You see, D-Arch + “Imagine” = Major Threat!

5. Jesus Christ Superstar.
So Carly rises as the theatre queen. She looked all hot hiding the tattoos! Lol. The fact that Carly for the first time in the competition smiled, most in the song duration, got “JCS” in my list.

4. You’re so Vain.
Again, this is the perfect song for Brooke. With the guitar and the rhythm, Brooke was declared lovable instantaneously. Naging LSS ko to nang matagal. I recall having Kea and Rach say that when Brooke gets her debut album done, they’ll without more ado buy it.

3. Always Be My Baby.
First off, how could DC transform a Mariah Carey music (in her MTV, I saw narcissism from beginning to end) into a lustful ballad? We don’t know his magic but he dug it right into our assholes. Although, I almost hated this because after some time, it has already been played on the local FM stations and those non-Idol fans come to be familiar with it. It’s becoming mainstream!!! Nooooo. I fear that it’s gonna be too overrated.

2. Let it be.
Brooke White. Piano. Heartfelt. Period.

1. Music of the Night.
Jokko has all DC’s music playing in his condo. And I’m just as crazy as him: This is my favorite. When I watched him singing a la The Phantom, I felt all the chills, I hallucinated that I was in the actual opera. Sweiiit! Now, that’s the magic one can rarely engender in such puffed up show.

As you may have noticed, most of my faves are by David Cook and/or Brooke White. You see, honestly, they ARE my bets from the very beginning. There’s something that makes me wanna stop Brooke from getting the boot even after her grave slip in “You Must Love Me.” I wanna be her brother/son. Lol! She’s also Bikay’s A.I. anyway. Once again, I quote Rach that Brooke’s both weakness and strength is her “vulnerability”; that if she feels the song, you can feel it too, and if she’s all nervous, it’s crystal clear on television. Anyhow I’m really sorry Chikezie, you’re simply not remarkable enough for my criterion. Epal, oh. Lol.


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  1. ampanget nung ‘with you’ ni DA kaya.. yuck..

  2. ampangeet nung ‘with you’ ni DA.. yuck..

  3. Harrylarious

    I’ll make a post.
    The worst top 12 performances.

  4. yay! parheo tayo ng favorite number one.
    i agree, pangit din ung with you ni archie. bleh.

  5. I didn’t like Archey’s With You but I like his Imagine. You should’ve put in Angels by Archey too. That’s one of his greatest.

  6. to excytine: bakit ba?! lol.

    to harry: i have to put yet my mine. lol.

    to steph: diba astig music of the night?!

    to jmar: di ko type angels. lol.

  7. ampangeet ng taste mo. haha.

  8. di ah!!!! mas naman sa ‘yo no: jason “dreadshit” castro lol

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