05.26.08. I have a confession: I have never gone to the beach/pool for three fuckin’ years!!! Shit, how unCOOL is that?!

I’m such a loser. Next summer, I swear I’m gonna be bathing forever on blue waters until all of me swells! Eek, now that’s freaky.

Anyway, I went to Juni’s birthday celebration in her home with nine other high school friends. It looked like she committed the day just for us so she fed us all alone, had us watch 27 Dresses and made us ride her SUV! Sweit.

It’s such a surprise that she trusted us to drive her baby since all I know, it was for me a pretty glint of a risky outing. We went to the beach with it to watch the sunset. Keneth drove the thing and I was so excited that we were to get ourselves ran out of gas therefore get stuck somewhere creepy! Lol, evil. But come on, the excitement is all-around.

USAPANG IHI. As we got there, I along with Ralph and Bev can barely hold-on our piss that sooner or later, we’d explode. So we abandoned the others for a while along the paid kubo and went somewhere sanitary to pee. First, we saw these five cubicles which would cost us five pesos per excretion. It does look quite okay for urination but the thing is, the moment you open the door the piss’s stench could give you lung cancer in five minutes. Not one of us can enter one foot inside. And it only added to our desperation.

Having been there standing for ten more minutes without emitting yellow fluid and without seeing any signboard that says, “A CLEANER C.R. HERE!!!” we decided to pee on the nearby wall. I know, it’s kadiri but no one was around- only the three of us. And again, we were desperate ala Eagles singing “Desperado”!!! After putting “Operation Peeing-on-the-wall” as our staunch decision, I exclaimed that “Are we really gonna do this?” That’s when all of us came to our senses. So to you people, if your urinary bladder faces sudden outburst before you know it, find a sanitary rest room. Don’t wait for the moment that you are so desperate you would swallow your pride for free (nasty ghastly) urination on the sand.

Good enough, a woman passed by and I asked her if she does know a place where we could find a cleaner (and probably less noxious) C.R. She directed us to a passable cubicle and after all the “explosions,” it was… paradise.

We came back to the others muffling the story but eventually, we told it to them. And again, that’s another anecdote in my autobiography.

Anyway, we left the place without having watched the most anticipated sunset. Ang tagal kasi. And for all I know, tis experience is the one concluding my summer bliss with my high school pack.

There’s Me, Keneth, Jep, Ralph and Tin.

Citation: High school pics are courtesy of Carol in her Multiply.
Present: Barry Bev Carol Jep Joana Juni Keneth Nina Ralph Rhea Tin


At kung may Facebookkayo, pa-add ako: Lol. Friends kong totoo ah, not strangers. =p


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Aww. Okay lang ‘yan. Ako naman, I never had a chance to swim this summer. Hindi ako pinayagan kasama ng brods ko, e. How sad. 😦

    Anyway, it’s nice dropping by here. 🙂 Ganda ng layout mo. Inggit ako. LOL

  2. imbgam kuma ah ginuyod da ka

  3. Loser, Barry, loser. XD

  4. to yom: hehe. minimalist nga ang layout eh.

    to kea: at least ako, walang tiring summer class. =p

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