Voted for the Worst

Bye Season Seven

I only have myself ten pre-judged horrible performances to list for this blog post (compared to my favorite 20) since being a good-for-nothing pseudo-Idol critic makes me guilty to carp about music and its boundaries. Well, whatevs. I was inspired by THIS. Here goes some long-winded quibbles and the corresponding videos.

My Bottom 10 Idol-Seven Performances

10. You’re the Voice
Tama si Ate Dang: I’m not an Archie fan. David Archuleta claimed to everyone that the composer of this song (John Farnham) is “amazing;” but he showcased no amazement to me. Like founding a new religious conviction, he reminded me of Camille Velasco’s “ooooh… ahhh…” in her Elton John performance with his “owoooohhh… *wets his lips with his tongue* owooooohhh.” Nagustuhan ko nga yung “With You” nya eh. Weird!

9. Carry On My Wayward Son.

Hoy Amanda. Wag kang manakot.

8. The Show Must Go On.
Carly Smithson has got great vocals but she can’t seem to project some confidence. With this song, he acts as if she’s threatening the audience (or to her other song, whoever she’s singing “you” in “Without You”). After this, I missed “Come Together.” This one’s just ANGRY!!!!

7. Alone.
Ramiele was seriously sick when she performed this big/loud/scary Hearts song. It took her too much gut but what can she do? Hindi pwede lip synch a la ASAP/SOP eh. Very pitchy, indeed. Nasasayangan talaga ako kay Ramiele.

6. She’s A Woman I’ve Never Seen a Face
So if Chikezie didn’t manage getting on my top 20 counter, he tumbles over here. Harmonica?!!!! Lol. Tama na, kawawa na si Chikizie sa ‘kin. Mouth Zipped.

5. Hero.

It’s a very beautiful Mariah Carey song but Brooke White ruined it all. Aww, and she seemed all-nervous while performin’ this with all the onscreen shivers. Okay lang yan, Brooke. You’re a topper naman in my Top 20. Kaysa naman sa “You Must Love Me” mo.

4. I Saw Her Standing There.
Of course, I miss the previous seasons’ stage wherein the contestant can actually be near the audience and jig with them by going down the stage. But D. Hernandez made it look as if he were the ONLY one having fun.

3. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.
Kristy Lee Cook inhaling-Dolly-Parton-dioxide style of singing is suffocating me. Shet!

2. I Shot The Sheriff.

1. Eight Days a Week.
Bravo for Kristy Lee Cook for butchering a Beatles song; the departed members have sure haunted her in her trances. Goodness, this was so bad that it was listed in Entertainment Weekly’s worst Idol performances. She said she liked the inappropriate arrangement, and hell after this, she sends away David “Papa was a Rolling Stone” Hernandez home.

Okay, with this I can officially say that I’m over American Idol for my blog posts. Yahoo! Really, I’ll be missing Season Seven. As of now, hanggang crooning na lang ako.

Yule all wiz be a part of me.
I’m part of ye indefinitely-yeah
Girl don’t ye know, ye can’t escape may.
Ooh, darlin, coz’ yule all wiz be my baby.
All Wiz be my… beibeiiiii.

And if ever “Always Be My Baby” will hit the emo/feelingeros’ records, I’ll go to hell. Shun it.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. omg!! magkapareho tau ng top worst!!! i hate kristy. she always tries to transform incredibly good songs already into lame carabrets. :p she calls it, for the lack of a better term, “making the song her own”. hahaha., eeeewww

  2. I hate jason so much! Well, no offense to Jason’s fans! 😀

  3. Conio Barry, bakit wala ang Tambourine Man ni Jason? Haha. Mas chaka kaya yun. ;p

  4. Or Jason’s Memories? Nahirapan akong makinig sa kanya nun.

  5. to elie: i guess everyone hates KLC. lol.

    to jmar: me too.

    to bhang: forgetting the lyrics, eh? oo nga eh. top 0.5 yun!

    to kea: eww for jason!!!!

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