Do I Ever CRS Your Mind?

People from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, have always mistaken CRS (online enlistment) plus actual registration as an inevitable death threat. I won’t cavil on the flaws of this thingy coz everyone has sure ranted and violently complained in their own blogs about it. And I don’t wanna be any redundant. That is because CRS this time was My Friend. And now, I wanna be relevant?

I remember last November when we were enrolling for the second semester. I seethed in front of our department’s secretary as a regular UP student “suffering” from the ‘enrollment crisis’ (now that’s just exaggerated!). I was envying the lucky ones who were spared from cosmic distress, labeled as the Registration Assistants, who get every subject/time/slot they could ever wish for in the CRS: A remarkable blessing for the hopeless UP enrollee. What they give in return is they assist (duh) in their designated post. So with anticipation and valor, I screamed at our ever-nice Ate Racquel that I’m gonna be the NEXT REGISTRATION ASSISTANT!

It was too early to apply but I was filled then with weariness from surpassing three semesters of CRS madness. And Ate Racquel did grant my wish. (Play background music: Time of My Life by David Cook). Lol!

Many must have “hated” me with this POST and many more must have detonated with this POST. I don’t blame you, guys, but let me tell you: RA-ing is not easy as you thought it was. But yes, convenience and complacence are checked!

TUESDAY: My blockmate Amae (Philippine Collegian EIC! Gasps) and I watched over the Journalism department Beltran News Room for this thing. With such huge population of fellow Journ majors, we could only help so much. And to add to the tremor, kulang kami ni Amae ng subjects na supposedly nabigay na sa CRS. Syet! Taenang CRS team, di man lang ginawang complacent ang mga RAs before we could work our ass. But anyhow, I completed my 21 units by begging a Speech Comm and a Journ prof to include me in their class the same afternoon. Whew. And yesterday, I’m almost ready to enroll. And now, I’m all PAID.

It’s nice bein’ an RA. Not only that I get free merienda (which mostly are considered as burial food) from the cafeteria care of the College Admin., but also I get to meet journ fellows and be familiar with ‘em just for a very short conversation. I see a few prospects but they’re still freshies/sophies. Lol! And I’ve been stealthily looking for a possible thesis partner. Lol again. Anyway, nababadtrip ako sa isang Journ “instructor” who flunked many incoming sophomores just for J100!!! Like, it’s so rude.

Amae and I are swaying Ate Racquel to hire us again for bein’ an RA. Behlat.

And as for now, I don’t know if it’s just me (as a reviled assistant) or if this is really the most expedient enrollment scheme for the past two years. What do you think?!

PS So it’s requested for RAs to wear these name tags to be discerned from the others. Cool, but hey… everybody in Journ would know my name na. Pota. Ang suplado ko talaga. I’m glad hindi umiral iyong pagiging unfriendly (or shy) ko. Lol. Now I can say that I’m one percent more sociable.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. ate racuel
    xa b ung cnsb mo?
    peace. hehe

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