Intimidation & Competition

So the first semester officially starts (glaring drum roll please) as I succumb to franticness for another four months. It’s a totally different world for me with the heaviest workload a Journ major could ever have: 21 UNITS. (I know, I know, people from other schools brag their 30+ units but come on, a three-unit UP subject could blow their nine. Lol.) And I’m a college junior now. In short, I’m getting OLD. Eww.My subjects for this semester are as follows:

1. J 121 (The Newsroom)
I guess I’m lucky to have many blockmates and friends in the class. Of the 16 people, 14 are my friends. The excitement is trailed on how we could process fine reportage, fine editing, fine teamwork, and all of the above… err, except for fine procrastination, to produce a quality newspaper. I know that bureaucracy shall be practiced within the class to get that same atmosphere in a real media firm. Then again, I’m guessing that Amae shall again take the post as the editor-in-chief if she aces the screening exam. Yippee! And how bout me?! I hope I can make it as an editor too. Say, features editor.

2. J 111 (Feature Writing)
This is the subject I last enlisted because I wasn’t sure to take it up just yet. I’m not really that splendid in writing feature stories but I guess I can handle it more than hardcore news. And at least, it’s not in Filipino in where I obviously suck at!

3. J 123 (Photojournalism)
Most of my Journ friends claim that this subject is much uncomplicated so I took it. And to specialize in the world of “making pictures talk” could be really cool. Suffice to say, what’s the use of my camera at home? I’m no camwhore anyway.

4. J 192 (Journalism Ethics)
My fretfulness is at high. My professor is Prof. C**a. My classmates are the likes of Dreo. I’ll just be like, ducking over the corner then.

Barry: You know what, I’m kinda intimidated by our ethics classmates… including YOU. Lol. […] No to intimidation, go competition! Game, fight!
Dreo: Yeah, let’s put our game face on. Let’s show C**a what we’ve got.

As of this moment, I’m crossing my fingers.

5. Speech 111 (Voice and Diction)
I’m labeling this one as “Dictionary 101” or “Call Center 101.” Lol. Many ‘consultants’ have said that this will just be a breeze. And this could be the proper ground for a more fertile radio career. And come: The Speech Communication minor.

6. Speech 121 (Oral Interpretation)
What the fuck does ORAL INTERPRETATION mean?! I honestly thought that it’s gonna be a reading class wherein we’re assigned for each session to narrate “The Red Riding Hood” with conviction, but hell, I fell into a trap! When I asked Tristan (Speech major, SocSci3 classmate) if he has taken 121 under Ma’am De L***, he went:

Tristan: You guys will do a production in Guerrero theater as your finals. The production is basically a collection of your chosen plays.
Barry: (staring at nowhere, petrified, then gulped)
Tristan: What I can say is, I wouldn’t be surprised if Speech 121 ends up being one of your memorable subjects.
Barry: (thinking of canceling himself from the class)

Now why didn’t they label this as the “Theater Class” so that they wouldn’t be fooling so much people?!

7. Comm 120 (Mass Media Law)
‘Tis a required subject and tis not a preparation for Law School. So there.

Now, all I can say is: I wanna max every subject I have for this semester. Grade-conscious mode, all right? Fuck you all! Lol, just thought I could say that before I self-destruct after four months. Good luck to all of us!

PS I’ll miss being a Registration Assistant (supposedly with Amae and Meng only but…) with my journ-mates Kea, Ronin, Jean, Che, Cake, Judy, etc! We’re so good transforming the newsroom into a computer arcade of online-escape-room-games-obsessed geeks! Lol. ‘Til next sem, guys!


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. We’re batch mates and juniors aren’t old.

    Well, not so old I guess. 😛


    Hay. And I’ve got 25 units this semester. Whaa. I hate it. Lagi na lang akong overloaded.

    Well, I hope you’ll enjoy your Oral Interpretation Class — aka Theater Class. Hehe.

  3. Shit. Ako rin ay junior na. 😐

    Anyway, ako ay taga-UPM. Hehe. LOL> 😀

  4. to christian: yes, speech 121 kinda freaks me out. like, what would i do in this class?!

    to alps/tom: or, we are just too lame to accept the truth. lol.

  5. AGREE. They brag about 30 units. 😦 Quality over quantity, eh?

    I think I’ll love that Photojournalism class. 😛

  6. to kevin: uno-able daw eh, crossed fingers!

  7. d ko alam kung paano gumawa ng lotion sbhin nyo na plz

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