Daily Archives: June 17, 2008

Ces Who?!

As I checked my WordPress stats yesterday, I was disconcerted by a revelation. You see, this hosting site came up with this innovative technology to track what people clicked in this page, what sites they referred to, to get here, what pages they visit, and so on. And to cross the record, it would also tell you about what terms people typed in to some search engine to get into my WordPress. And before you fall off your seat with such disbelief, the site rendered me this:

As anticipated, everybody’s so engrossed in the Ces Drilon (or “Drillon,” lol!) issue that they have been surfing the net for the past week to know some facts about her. And because of THIS POST, they come to visit my blog. Now it is not to boast though that the post has become partially popular based on the stats; in the post, there are a few pictures of me, and some ABS-CBN executives who once visited CMC January this year. Note: It was very windy. The horrifying fact: I had a bad hair day. And there’s this picture… the picture (with me and Ces)… which is so… embarrassing! Shit! And for that, I have been considering if I could password-protect the post just to keep people staring (and later snickering over) my bad hair. ( Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! )