Insecurity Guard

I often see myself as a tiny peck in school.

Especially in College where people around me would normally feel suicidal when they get one single mistake in a 50-item exam. “Competitiveness” as they call it sprouts out on every pavement on sight. Every hall, every corner, every… thing. But I know that there’s a limit that defines all things in this world. Why don’t the people I know give a limit to their competitiveness? Now that mischievously, competitiveness can blur friendship.

It has gone to their heads. And it must be blown sooner or later.

I know that grades matter, but ethics do matter too. Why selfishness when there’s teamwork? Why brag off your current academic, scholarly and/or extracurricular excellence when you could just lock yourself in you room and sleep? Why can’t you learn to shut the fuck up?

It has gone to their heads. And it must be blown sooner or later.

We earnestly need the species of the Humble. Look at my blockmate who just gripped the position as the Philippine Collegian editor: Until now, she’s still the SAME humble person who once was my Math 2 classmate, sharing the same nuisance to be in UP at seven in the morning every Monday and Thursday. We must locate the members of her species and preserve them immediately.

It has gone to their heads. And it must be blown sooner or later.


When UP had its Centennial Celebration kick-off last January 8, it was obviously the biggest event of the semester. No other celebration could beat that festivity. The fact that it was just the supposedly START of many more jubilating events sure incited all of the Iskolars ng Bayan.

Last Wednesday, we had this Foundation Day which was the lamest foundation day I ever witnessed. Alas, some said that poor information dissemination caused the slip-ups of the day. Like, everybody was askin’ one another if there’d be a class suspension or not. No one had a clue. As for me, I supposedly have a Speech 111 (11:30) and Journ 111(1-4) for the day.

Before my day began, I spent my fleeting hours with these guys:

Harry and Kea’s limb

Jean and Rach

Actual Kea and Twigs

And so, I walked along the carless Acad Oval to AS for my first class only to bump into Melai in the CMC Veranda and to accompany her in her first ever Oblation Run experience. I didn’t even know that there’d be one; not that I care at all but ye know, it’s always fun to do compare-and-contrast analyses. Lol, kidding.

(Kea also had some pics HERE). They said that those APO dudes scampered masked and naked from Vinzon’s Hall to the Quezon Hall. I, together with Melai, only caught them in Quezon Hall while they were singing their frat hymn on the Oblation stand. As expected, the media were all-around. Flashing cameras budded out of nowhere while snickering College girls from other schools feasted.

Look at how the college girls take a looooooooong look at the APO dudes. As you can notice, they seem first to be overlooking their Modesty Ala Maria Clara probabilities, to as not be labeled as perverts (who would cut their classes as a pack just to watch this). See? They even knew better that there’d be a Run. Sigh.

Thanks to my stupidity, my uncharged camera only snapped this:

And of course, Melai and Me. Again, she’s one of the most humble persons I know.

Someone on the microphone: “You can have a photo-op with THEM if you want. This is only once in a hundred years.”
Barry: (confused)
Melai: Are they serious?
Barry and Melai: (leaves bothered)

Anyway, I went to AS only to know that my prof’s not around AGAIN. I went back to CMC- yes, walkathon! I bought lunch and placed it on my armchair only to spill it on my pants and bag. I cleaned my mess and return the plate to the canteen. They gave me another meal for free. Aww, sweet thanks! But seriously, that’s shit. We waited for three hours and got ditched once again by our prof. Goodbye good life.

PS I’m not sure that I should be telling you this but… I’ll be performing along with my Speech121 friends on Monday 4PM in the UP Theatre Lobby. So… see you there??


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. omg barry is that a bigote? haha. now i finally realize you’re a guy all along.

  2. ngak. lol. my facial features often misconstrue people na pambabae sila. like, my brows. they’re not thick at all. hehe.

  3. buti nga ikaw you were able to catch some action…eh kami ni ate rach! kablam talaga!! as in nada!

  4. but you guys went to trinoma anyway. lol.

  5. were they actually serious, the photo op with the naked men?
    eew. it’s supposed to be sexy but, uhm, it sort of is not.
    however i did hear that it was loooooooooooooooong

    the line of naked men, that is.

    was it? 😛

  6. i didn’t witness the actual running. i only ‘met’ them in quezon hall na

  7. ooooh. may naisip ako bigla. :))

    si you-know-who. how i wished APO siya, na tumakbo din noong oble run.
    because if he was and he did, hahaha, gigising ako ng maaga, just to see him. :))

    hi barry!

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