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On The Blithe Side

Our organization’s (first half) anniversary celebration-with the theme “MCO Academy“- turned out to be most successful. I can’t say any more apt adjective than “successful” to describe further how well our events transpired. It was a boo-boo though that I was physically unwell, thanks to my colds. FTW!

Back when I was a clueless freshie nerd!

July 22. Hours before lunch time, I found myself helping the Media and Public Relations Team (esp. director Patty) in setting-up the exhibit. Bikay and Jean headed this project and I must say that it was pretty impressive! The slant was very academy-ish with all the improvised yet ingenious blackboard, corkboard, lockers, books, laptop and of course our snapshots. Lol. Congrats to MPRT! ( and as for the rest of the MCO week )

It’s All Wrong But It’s Alright

Apologies to Dolly Parton but I’ve just been to the most fatiguing weeks of my life and, ominously, the stress shall go on. I’m physically tired and my soul is no better. Literally.

Fatal requirements are trickling. Pouring, even! I know I can handle these but God, don’t let it mess up my health. I have a sore throat and I have a speech solo. My back aches and I commute like hell. It’s UP MCO’s anniversary this week and next week, it’ll be for DZUP Radio Circle naman. Pota. ( read my rants )

Here Comes The Sun

So you think school isn’t cool? You better think again.

For its 15th year, the UP Mass Communicators Organization shows its power to mold, challenge and outshine others through its “UP MCO Academy” theme. In line with the organization’s academic nature, this year’s anniversary celebration will prove that learning and gaining knowledge and awareness can be very much fun. With activities such as MCO Box Office, a production festival that aims to showcase works of past and present MCOers, and Major Issue, UP MCO’s biannual symposium on issues concerning the mass media, this organization will bring mass media awareness to the university in an educational yet hip manner.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in our 15th anniversary celebration. Attendance will be checked, so you better be present.

-from UP MCO’s website

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Broke White

For once, I have achieved my three-day vacation straight. You see, in UP, our “free day” was moved from Wednesday to Monday as to compromise with the effing proclamation of Gloria Macarroyo that no-class holidays be observed on the first day of the week. For the past weeks, I am either in school or somewhere polluted meddling with other important businesses during Mondays. And it was torture. I mean, it’s just the first month of school. And I’m a slaughtered pig.

On other news, why is it fuckin raining?! If you’d known me better, my most personal trivia would be that I officially hate the rain. AS IN.

And to add to my predicaments, lemme tell you that as of this moment, I’m all broke. I’m a pulubi. I need your alms. I hate the oil price hike. It’s cutting me short and the cabbies, FX and jeepney drivers have been taking advantage of it in a very cruel way. (Why is it that if I come from Marikina via FX to Katipunan, I only pay P20; but when arriving home, I pay five pesos higher?! Explain the logic please.) If only, I can scream “Estyudante lang po! Wala pa pong disenteng trabaho! Leche ka!” Now that’s just… alleviating. Lol.