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It’s been more or less 365 days when another Gawad Plaridel award was given to a renowned media practitioner- Cecilia “Cheche” Lazaro, to be exact- and last Friday, the College of Mass Communication again exulted another exemplary journalist in the person of Pachico “Cheking” Seares of Sun.Star Cebu and Sun.Star Super Balita. His “revolutionary” stirring on community journalism is something Visayans should be proud of.

Okay… cut. I’m not attempting to deliver a news feature so anyway, back to blogging tone… our Journ121 class (1-4PM) was cancelled beforehand so that we’d have the chance to attend the Gawad Plaridel 2008 in UP Cine Adarna. I stayed with my UP MCO pack since almost all of ‘em were doing a news coverage of it; so the scene included tape and digital recorders, cell phones pretending to be voice recorders, DSLRs, digital cameras pretending to be DSLRs- altogether raised to the air. As for me, I was required to attend the event for my J111, J121, Comm120 and J192 classes and for the latter, I was mandated to write a speech story on it.

The program started not too late from 3 PM (considering the idealized “Filipino time”) with a few technical glitches from one of the emcees’ microphones. The production staff, we presumed, even forgot to write the list of professors and other personalities who paced along the red carpet entrance that quickly got all of us murmuring negative comments. I mean, those people do reserve at least acknowledgement in a VERY big event like this, and the staff miserably fell short. My friends and I really felt distress for those ones- most of ‘em-unacknowledged.

I was surprised when former awardees Lazaro and Vilma Santos entered the theatre house. Mind-bogglingly, Ate Vi never really had a petite physique. In fact they were almost in the same height with Ma’am Che-che (whom I stupidly never spared time to follow and take a pic of).

There’s me and journmate Leanne; Ate Vi was obviously a media-magnet. And I “subconsciously” joined the media students (or simply those camwhores) who wanted to have a pic with the 2005 Gawad Plaridel awardee for film.

The emcees are fine with me, uhhh generally. There was Mariz Umali and Joaquin Valdez who lives on UP blood. (Question: Is Joaquin a broadcast communication- or so to speak, “broadcasting”- major? I know that he’s from BA FAVC so… was the handout erroneous then?). Sheeze. And then came our ever-chic and glamorous dean who conveyed the welcome address in Cebuano-English. My first reaction was, “Subtitles, please.”

After a while, it was Cheking’s turn to deliver his lecture. And so my mouth went pfft (so as not to sabotage the recording processes around me) and I started writing down notes. In the end, I was so galled on the realization that in MassComm, I could be the ONLY person without a recorder- holy sprinkler! How can I save my future if it’s gonna be something like this…

most of the people in the pic are CMC students. Hardcore, grabe.

I must admit though in Cheking’s speech that it was a great struggle for him- as a breadwinner of a family- to foster community journalism despite the unlikely perks plus the threats of new media. The Sun.Star anyway started as a paper of one of Marcos’s crony. And as seen in the congratulatory audio-visual presentation by a FAVC prof, their current building could be the coolest office in the world. As in, sosyal. Lol. That’s just success, right?

And amidst all the Looney Tunes notebook, non-blotting pen, two flappy ears, and full concentration I say… I want a recorder NOWWWW!!! Barrylooza Palooza.

Btw, congratulations to those BC seniors who spiced up the event (amid the aforementioned quibbles). Hmmmm, it made me more excited for next year! And oh, btw I actually projected myself to have been accepting the Gawad Plaridel award when I’ll be 25 years old! Cool diba?! Pero impossible nga lang. Lol.

EDIT: Camwhorage pictures by Dreo HERE.
Gawad Plaridel 2008 pictures HERE (including GMA7 and SWS trip, UP MCO photo shoot, etc!)


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  1. i miss you all so much! 😦

    i so want to attend a ga but i can’t! *sniffles*

  2. oo nga eh, jean is the new jerick by the way! come sa events natin na nalnang. ang cool ng photoshoot!!!

  3. Wooow! Si Ate Vi! Idol ng daddy ko yun eh. Hehehe. Anyway, being a journalist, are you dreaming of having that award too? 😀 Hehehehe

  4. seriously, yes. hehe. ate vi’s nice btw.

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