Veggie By Golly Why

I’m 98% carnivore. I just ate vegetables for three reasons: [1] when I’m a welcomed guest in someone’s home who incidentally serves veggies; [2] when our fridge itself has no meat in attendance; or [3] when I’m drilled to pure curiosity (huh?). That’s right, skweezer, I was one of the kids in the block who instituted the club upholding the vision-mission- “No to Veggies. No to parents who feed their kids with Veggies.”

But I was overacting then, I made sure that not a morsel which belongs to the ‘fresh, leafy and green’ contingent gets into my pansit, sabaw and/or pizza. And slowly from high school up to now, I have been extending my limited list of vegetables which are personally “edible”. Before, I do considered the vegetarians, especially the vegans, as the weirdest people on earth. But come on, I never knew why they pledged themselves to this singular lifestyle. Maybe it’s because of this restaurant.

For our Feature Writing class, we dined in Greens, a fancy vegetarian restaurant in the vicinity of Tomas Morato given that we are to write a feature story on any aspect of it (deadline’s next next week though, whew!). For me, I thought this was going to be my Level One of Fear Factor for seriously, I cannot survive a day’s meal without savoring the gummy texture and irreplaceable flavor of meat.

Even if almost all of us brought our digital cameras, I get to be the unofficial photographer. Why is that? Am I the best photographer in town nowadays?! Lol. I’m so fooling myself.

The menu was fine yet impressive. Many of my classmates and I were baffled at the supposedly weird servings like chicharon, barbecue and sisig. Yep, you read it right: SISIG. It didn’t shock me tremendously though because in my Tagaytay trip last year, we ate these fried mushrooms which tasted like chicken nuggets. But still, the novel people behind this whole phenomenon should be quarantined and the authorities-cum-environmentalists should make clones out of their precious genes.

I do not wish to make a blog entry about the food’s quality because I’m reserving my comments for my feature story (lol)- except that I ate vegetarian barbecue (with rice) and egg-less caramel custard plus drank “freshly squeezed” dalandan juice-but I do advise you to go in Greens if you want to try something new and… refreshing.

In the interview, I have learned that eating vegetables instead of meat is not just a personal issue (losing weight, eww deprivation as recourse!) but it encompasses as well one’s actions towards animals, religion, family values and the human sociology. Hmmm.

PS This isn’t a paid post btw. Lol.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. nkakagutom naman…. padala ka ha? hehe,

  2. Ew veggies. But if veggies are that good looking, holy cow, lemme lick the plate from side to side!

  3. gulay gulay!

    diet diet!!

  4. im not sure if with this yummy veggies-cum-meat-flavored-gluten will carry you over to dieting. hahaha.

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