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More or less after a year, you would spot me already wretched in a capricious grade-conscious mode in the CMC library, winking teary and chinky eyes, perpetually flipping books and unpublished theses, jotting down like a seismograph measuring earth tremors, all in the love of holy research, err… thesis.

I’m a self-confessed paranoid in terms of age- I’m in the stiff bearing to be young forever: Forever wearing preppy attire, going to school everyday, hanging out with my chums and munching over (almost) unpalatable food from the college’s cafeteria. It’s almost a feeling of not wanting to graduate at all. But then I have realized I do have a future.

When my orgmates and CMC friends (who were seniors last year) hid below the rocks to concentrate on graduation (translation: THESIS!), I already began confining my earnestness to bring about a thesis topic and to find a complementing thesis partner.

It’s quite odd for many, if not whimsy, that I am already making my thesis prospects clear as early as junior year. But oh, here I am posting a blog entry on who my probable thesis partner would be:

  • Male/female, graduating March 2010
  • With pleasing personality, I guess
  • Whose middle name is Patient
  • Has an enormous interest in at least one of the following: niche publishing, broadcast journalism, online journalism, advertising
  • Not too intimidating, not too bereft
  • No to boring crooks (lol!)
  • Err… Speech Communication minor??
  • I can deal with topics on hardcore news and investigative reporting as the last resort, but please no to economics- like shit.

Ready?! Game! Lol. It occurs to me that I don’t have the right to be too choosy.

Like my blockmates, I also found it sort of “unfair” for those whose journalism intelligence and skills which belonged to the upper echelon of the college, already making contracts with those alike. If anything, it’ll be a POWERHOUSE. (And now, I’m sounding like the most snide and insecure journ major in the world!) But hello, it’s so… ostracizing. Di ba?!


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. benta. i didn’t post an entry looking for a thesis partner.
    but good luck finding one. fab way of doing so.

  2. hahah. i know right. anna canlas is so lucky she got you

  3. more like i’m lucky to be partners with her.
    i need someone to tell me what to do.i have no initiative. 🙂
    you’ll find the perfect partner. i can feel it.

  4. sana nga, but i can always do it solo. lol. IBS lang

  5. XD You didn’t like the one I suggested, Barry?

  6. uhm,

    can i put you in my blog list?

    coz i find your blogs interesting…


  7. to kea: who did you suggest ba?

  8. hakhak

    adbertisment kung adbertisment ah


    sana umasenso ka jan




  9. Sheesh.

    Hahaha. You are so weird.


    Hardcore Barry. Hardcore.

  10. heyy, welcome visitor! i must congratulate you personally for bein the OMFG PDI scholar!!!

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