Broke White

For once, I have achieved my three-day vacation straight. You see, in UP, our “free day” was moved from Wednesday to Monday as to compromise with the effing proclamation of Gloria Macarroyo that no-class holidays be observed on the first day of the week. For the past weeks, I am either in school or somewhere polluted meddling with other important businesses during Mondays. And it was torture. I mean, it’s just the first month of school. And I’m a slaughtered pig.

On other news, why is it fuckin raining?! If you’d known me better, my most personal trivia would be that I officially hate the rain. AS IN.

And to add to my predicaments, lemme tell you that as of this moment, I’m all broke. I’m a pulubi. I need your alms. I hate the oil price hike. It’s cutting me short and the cabbies, FX and jeepney drivers have been taking advantage of it in a very cruel way. (Why is it that if I come from Marikina via FX to Katipunan, I only pay P20; but when arriving home, I pay five pesos higher?! Explain the logic please.) If only, I can scream “Estyudante lang po! Wala pa pong disenteng trabaho! Leche ka!” Now that’s just… alleviating. Lol.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. i prefer to commute over driving na nga e.
    gas is killing me.

  2. ako lagi nang nagpapasundo, hangga’t maari.
    patayan magcommute pag rush hour, mahal pa pamasahe.
    but yes, oil price hikes are bitches.

  3. to patty: yes, yes. ako i know how to drive. but my rents wouldn’t still buy me a car not until graduation. hehe. i envy your car!

    to rach: 8.50 na ang minimum. wah!

  4. I’m broke too. Huhuhu. Nakakainis. There is this book that I want to buy but me has no buying power at the moment. LOL. Mahigpit na ang sinturon ko, at wala nang ihihigpit pa!

  5. ang hirap rin kasing tipirin yung mga luho eh =(

  6. I’m so broke. I spent all my savings down the drain just because. Just because!

    I hate it when jeepney drivers would look TWICE at me from head to foot (at the side mirror, that is) whenever I say “STUDYANTE PO”. Pakshet sila.

  7. Not the side mirror. The central mirror. Whatever you call it. Heh.

    And oh, I’m too lazy to comment on your previous posts but I’ve read them all. LOL at Ces Drilon appearing on your Search Terms (or whatever you call it)!

  8. AND I WANT THAT LANYARD. THAT CELLPHONE THINGAMAJIG. That whatchamacallit which says bold and loud “UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES”. Coolness! (They call it lanyards, right?) Buy me one and I’ll treat you to heaven, dude. Srsly. HAHA!

    Sorry for bombarding your comment sections. I’m really sorry. :p

  9. hakhak

    pare-parehas lng taung lugmok sa putikan ng ‘paberti’

    un nga lng, wla akong tuitiong bnabayaran kaya masaya pa rin






  10. KEVIN…

    you skippy, comments much? lol. ill see if i still can find the other version of that lanyard. if meron, ill accept that “heavenly” treat. =)

  11. “Estyudante lang po! Wala pa pong disenteng trabaho! Leche ka!” —-sooo LOVE this line. LMAO

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