Here Comes The Sun

So you think school isn’t cool? You better think again.

For its 15th year, the UP Mass Communicators Organization shows its power to mold, challenge and outshine others through its “UP MCO Academy” theme. In line with the organization’s academic nature, this year’s anniversary celebration will prove that learning and gaining knowledge and awareness can be very much fun. With activities such as MCO Box Office, a production festival that aims to showcase works of past and present MCOers, and Major Issue, UP MCO’s biannual symposium on issues concerning the mass media, this organization will bring mass media awareness to the university in an educational yet hip manner.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in our 15th anniversary celebration. Attendance will be checked, so you better be present.

-from UP MCO’s website


photoshopped by Jau

It’s UP Mass Communicators Organization‘s 15th anniversary celebration next week. Watch out for the set of activities (especially the pakain).

Let me just say that I’m supposed to be gobbling a lot of Centrum capsules at this moment. I’m really really stressed. I have a lot of requirements on consecutive fuckin deadlines. Both physical and mental requirements.


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  1. oonga e. my goodness. next week na. crunch na,

  2. im soo excited for our exhibit, patty!

  3. Galing ng pub mat! panakaw ah haha. :)) for more publicity din.. :p

  4. hakhak

    todo-pictorial ah





    For me, org stuff is MAJOR LULZ. I hate it. My org’s the busiest. X(

  6. yes, as our “academy” theme suggested we are to look like preppy people in blue. lol.

  7. ang cute ng hrt.
    fucking course. na na ako nakakapag mco. 😦

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