On The Blithe Side

Our organization’s (first half) anniversary celebration-with the theme “MCO Academy“- turned out to be most successful. I can’t say any more apt adjective than “successful” to describe further how well our events transpired. It was a boo-boo though that I was physically unwell, thanks to my colds. FTW!

Back when I was a clueless freshie nerd!

July 22. Hours before lunch time, I found myself helping the Media and Public Relations Team (esp. director Patty) in setting-up the exhibit. Bikay and Jean headed this project and I must say that it was pretty impressive! The slant was very academy-ish with all the improvised yet ingenious blackboard, corkboard, lockers, books, laptop and of course our snapshots. Lol. Congrats to MPRT!

Fierce: Melai, Kea, Jerson, Nel

The exhibit was simultaneously launched with the Grand Pakain. Knowing that I’m a full-time destitute, you would know that I should be In This Event! Lol. Alas, I have Speech121 class in CAL- a kilometer away from CMC- at 11:30-1 PM. For this, I wanna congratulate the Business Affairs Team (esp. director Nel) who took a lot of care of our money matters. To add, thank you to Dunkin Donuts, Tonicare Bottling Corp. and of course, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (♫ikaw ang kanlungan ng nangangailangan…♫). =)

July 23. At 4PM, I whooshed with Bikay and Jean to Kalayaan Residence Hall via mighty walkathon to help Shen and Jihad with the team’s MCO Box Office event. Last year, I single-handedly headed this project for the Special Events Team. (And believe me, the only thing that infuriated me was talking with the dorm’s prefect, hours before the actual program. He kept babbling that we ought to have a permit where in fact, every aspect of the event has undergone all legitimate conformities.)

It was only last year when I’ve earlier gone into the dorm’s lobby and TV area so I was really dumbfounded to see the obvious improvements in the facilities. I began to recognize it like a retreat house. Lol. Anyway, I saw how every single effort of Shen and Jihad grew into this triumphant output. Thank you to the SET!☻

July 24. And to update our org’s application process, we had the tongue in cheek buddy quiz show in the University Theatre steps. I suddenly remembered how I flunked years ago with my buddy for having a 9/20 score! Crap! Nevertheless, I hope the applicants for this sem will continue on because really, I won’t recruit people if I know that it’s not worth it. Best wishes to the Human Resources Team (esp. director Cherrie)!

July 25. It was the Research and Academic Training Team’s turn to show off. And they just did big time! The rousing Major Issue symposium which 99% of it I didn’t witness (because of a stressing 8:30-4 schedule) was quoted by Rach to be “the best Major Issue.” The topic was conflict reporting- just timely for discourses like that of Ces Drilon’s kidnapping. Arlyn dela Cruz was there, Drilon’s “ex-buddy.” Journalism professor Crista Rara and Joseph Morong were in the star-studded roster too.

The team has surely clung with the incomparable idea of inviting students from some universities. The CMC auditorium was punong-puno. The org’s ushers/usherettes were dazzling in the instructed monochromatic style. Congratulations to director Kay and RATT!

IMPORTANT: And so for The Episode I caused, to you my orgmates, I am deeply apologetic. I was scandalized and shocked by it the same way that you were. The Episode was just stress. BAT direk and me are okay na. As Rach said, “Let the EB vicious cycle end there.” Yes, so be it. Thank you for understanding. That Was Stress.☻

More MCO Wek Snapshots HERE.

Heads up for MCO Night! Have you been doing your masks yet?

I am in my utmost bitterness…

I’m not going sa MCO Night!

It’s not like the unsolicited suppositions of Kea that my relatives are confining me in some dingy dungeon at night. Nasa Club Mwah ako ng Friday night for our Speech121 finals, believe it or not. Sad, yes.

Nel: Sunugin ang Club Mwah.

I agree.


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  1. wow. buti ka pa nadocument mo. mprt ka na. ay wait SET ka pala. congrats.
    just wait, baka masunog nga ang club mwah.

    ps. i super have a crush on joseph morong. hahaha

  2. i thought he was gay. lol.

  3. Ahh, get my adviser’s name right: Crista.~

  4. i know that. na feel ko nman.doesn’t make him any less desirable. haha.

  5. and i quote myself
    “the best major issue ever since i became a member”

    i still hate you for not going to mco night. you’re missing like, ahhh bahala ka. :{

  6. to rach: i know right. ang ganda pa naman ng mchorale piece (pouts)

  7. Grabe lang si Morong, very photogenic, unfortunately in real life he looks sooooooooooooo haggard.

    Ang galing ng MCO Night, the hell with Club Mwah!!!

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