Daily Archives: August 4, 2008

Complacence from Innocence

BEWARE: Very Random Post Ahead! (Includes at some awfulness, wrong grammar, typographical errors, incongruent structuring, etc.)

Come to think of college, I am too young to be a junior standing. I’m still 17- the effective rationale on why UtakGago thought we were both sophomores, all this time. Lol. Physically, I look much of a third year, already taking 21 laborious units, except that I, too, look maltreated by the entirety of the academe. In an inconspicuous way- that is.

Yes, I’m still 17 (♫going on 18 this September). (But arguing about the factualness of my statement could lead to a more outrageous commentary- so more on that later. Lol.)

Really, why blog about age?

Nothing, it is just now that I have felt so young. And that I needed to get out of this formidable trap. This would apply as a common rant of a college student fussed by the domineering command of the “go-for-an-uno” theory, or say, way of life. I’m not really grade-conscious but seriously, I have really wanted to excel- at the very least- although my freshmen grades were worthy to be hung upon the pedestal of shame. Highly contradicting ba? ( I do want the days where I felt so free )