Livin on a Prayer

Okay fine: I drink. Rarely. As in, swear!

Defensive? Sure.

Last Saturday night, my Speech121 professor, classmates and I set off at Club Mwah in Mandaluyong to comply with our “midterm examination.” As mandated by our prof, we are to write a critique on the club’s stage performance.

The two-hour show, I’d say, was hilarious than electrifying. I really liked how they managed to multi-task the entertainers with those intricately designed yet ingenious costumes.

The most awesome aspect would have to be the production design. Imagine, they managed to have a chopper-like thingum in their Miss Saigon spoof! Lol.

Above all, I loved the night mainly because we all looked GOOD. And if I say good- huh! Bring it on, babe. See our PICS H E R E.

And so, Riki drove us to Embassy after as to ‘end’ the night. It was my first time coz I repeat: Imma nerd and nerds don’t party. And hell, it was fun. Except for the literal atmosphere of out-and-out nicotine, I didn’t feel so much disoriented, or say detached.

Speaking of nicotine, there were only about five of us (we were fully eleven) in the club who weren’t smokers. I don’t actually ostracize but when one of ‘em invited me to uhh TRY it, I went, “Are you kidding me?” Nevertheless, it’s just a small issue. I know right.

I admit though: I was tempted. (Seriously, thank you God for not making me do it.)

Pao especially was very much shocked upon seeing few of us puffing and drinking. Zaf, Nick and Stef were really startling with their vibe of so-got-used-to-it. Hours before, I told Pao “Come to Embassy, let’s just drink water. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke.” So I’m really sorry that you caught me sipping.

After we got dispersed, I, Nika, George, and EK hit the road at two in the evening to the latter’s apartment for our sleep-over.


And so, it was Sunday. I didn’t go to mass. I told you I haven’t been attending Sabbath day recently and I feel so dispossessed. I hope I can offer at least an hour a week for Him next time. Sad. Sorry, biglang segue.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. what can i say barry. hahaha

    welcome to the dark (partying) side!

  2. at di ko mapatawad. anong kalsneg midterm examination yan??!!
    i am seriously naiinggit!!

  3. hahaha. gastos naman ang katapat mo.

    im glad i didn’t smoke! yelp!

  4. hoy barry cyrus, whatever happens, don’t you dare try smoking. don’t even think about it. yeah i smoke, so take it from me.

    on another note, baka madali kang natempt kasi hindi ka na nakakapagsimba. hohoho.

  5. hmmm, a little odd taking an advice like that. lol. whatever happened to self-discipline.

    nice theory. i guess that’s true.

  6. You SHOULD smoke. Just for the heck of it.

    LOL I kid.

    Anyway, never been to Embassy or other clubs. I just don’t really club. *Okay, I lie*. But I RARELY do it. I don’t even drink a lot lately.

    C’mon, you’re losing something if you haven’t even tried drinking something than water. 😀

  7. Me wants to parteehh!!! But i think mom won’t allow me to go to clubs or to drink even when I’m freakin’ old like…on my 30’s.

  8. kevin, i know right. hahah, i do drink. i just need the proper mood to rev my system.

    to jmar: are ye kiddin me? 30s? what are you, some hobbit. lol. kidding

  9. “Imma nerd and nerds don’t party.” haha

    I see myself in you.

  10. well yeah, but im the discreet nerd if there’s such thing

  11. Now this is what you call UP Education. :p

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