Daily Archives: August 18, 2008

Trash Bin There, Done That

I summoned a blockmate to aid me in my photo shoot for my J123 (Photojournalism, duh) last Wednesday afternoon. I yielded to taking pictures of an innocuous stone trash bin along the Acad Oval. Yes, creative.

That morning though, I was supposed to take pictures of the much-admired Carillon bell tower. But incidentally, some men in shimmering blue uniform were in some operation to transform the place into a more uh say, picturesque landscape. With those electric blue walls of plastic encrusted in such manner to hinder me from my academic intentions, my photographic whimsies ruptured to pieces, alas.

Anyway, as I was saying, the trash bin has been my subject. If it was a living creature, it’ll rather be pleased. The outcome was satisfying: It was as if the paltry object was carrying some feeling of dejection or lonesomeness, err, the Emo Trash Bin. Lol.

( the emo trash bin photo shoot )