Trash Bin There, Done That

I summoned a blockmate to aid me in my photo shoot for my J123 (Photojournalism, duh) last Wednesday afternoon. I yielded to taking pictures of an innocuous stone trash bin along the Acad Oval. Yes, creative.

That morning though, I was supposed to take pictures of the much-admired Carillon bell tower. But incidentally, some men in shimmering blue uniform were in some operation to transform the place into a more uh say, picturesque landscape. With those electric blue walls of plastic encrusted in such manner to hinder me from my academic intentions, my photographic whimsies ruptured to pieces, alas.

Anyway, as I was saying, the trash bin has been my subject. If it was a living creature, it’ll rather be pleased. The outcome was satisfying: It was as if the paltry object was carrying some feeling of dejection or lonesomeness, err, the Emo Trash Bin. Lol.

J123 Chronicled

J123 Chronicled

Nice huh? Go on, scoff on it.

A fine DSLR could have helped me but I am already thankful of my limited resources meeting my demands. Our professor gave us beforehand a free 36-shot film each but I chose not to force myself to learn The Professional Techniques of manual photography. I am allergic to learning. I am not professional. And I’ve got my own techniques. Thanks, but no thanks.

Photography, huh? And so I was thinking, what if I was a Film major?

Could have I mastered photography in a jiffy? I have been addicted to taking pictures, in which case I am not the typical teen who loves taking pictures of one’s self in a variety of bizarre angles. Hence, the self-declared off-cam-whore.

When I was a lot younger enjoying my birthday parties at home on an annual basis, I have unusually chosen the path of taking the shots instead of seeing myself in the frame. And repeat, it’s my birthday. When the developed photos were heaped, you’d distinguish my shots so easily: The subjects would appear headless or with heads cut half lengthwise.

From then on, I have realized that photography isn’t just taking pictures. It is a great art, and it needed great artists.

Speaking of arts, what if I chose to be a Fine Arts major? Yes, people, I have an immense inclination to visual arts namely drawing and a lil of painting. Believe it. Or I’ll bust you open. Choose.

“Not everyone can become a great artist. But a great artist can come from anywhere.” (Anton Ego, Ratatouille, 2007).

I miss drawing. Ever since college, I forgot how the wonders of drawing made my day. I had this astronomical imagination where characters flowed freely. They were more handsome than the Fantastic Four and more sophisticated than Mojacko.

In fifth grade, I was so bored in class that I had the tendency to muse on a lot of things. As many fantasies were gushing, the world came into a stupendous Pocket Monsters craze. It dominated pop culture; it was the talk of the neighborhood (unless you lived with the likes of holier-than-thou valedictorians who’d rather read their notebooks all nanoseconds of their perpetually droning lives).

I was so tuned to it that I began sketching the Pokémon creatures. They were arbitrarily cute. The moment I bored myself again, I drew my own Pokémons. Seriously. They had these delightful forms that if the Poké-creators saw it themselves, they’d hire me to sketch a batch of new creatures! And if you think that’s just quaint, a couple of my classmates were influenced by it. They began to draw for themselves too!

It just occurred to me: What if I went to some foreign uncivilized land with those copied yet bright ideas?! I could’ve been the next Richard Nixon!


No way. Wait. I think I just bit my lip.

PS My nephew Kyle just lent me his Pokémon Movies DVD yesterday, that’s why I became so excited when my fifth grade anecdotes occurred for my blogging mood. Four-day vacations are fun!

PS AGAIN While hunting for a proficient environment story in the net, I came to a Youtube video about “Forest Love.” Amusing Video, promise…


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. ako din namimiss ko na yung pagdodrowing mo. 😐 umpisahan mo ulit, sa logbook! yey!

    on another note, akin na lang yung free film mo. PLEASE???

  2. im a Film grad but not just once has the What-if-I-was-a-Journ-graduate thought entered my mind. hehe


  3. it’s just that i thought i was more of being the visual artist. hahah. whatevs, ayokong madelay

  4. barry, i just like to ask if anything important happened in class last friday? something that we might need to do before tomorrow’s class.

    sorry, i really just need to know if i miss anything. i’m the only non-cmc student in our j123 class, and i just googled “j123 photojournalism up cmc” and got your blog.


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