Daily Archives: August 23, 2008

Leave Me Alone

…you ghost. Do me a favor.

I’m an agitated, cerebral snub in cases of stress.

In fact, I’m so stressed right now I can’t stop from typing. It’s not my usual state: I’m breaking down. I’m trying to pull my self together so I suggest… you, the ghosts in school, just leave me alone.

I won’t be heeding some bosses (or those who megalomaniacally claim to be). Don’t act like one if you think you acquire much potentials for the World’s Quintessential Personification of Irresponsibility Award nomination.

How can you lecture me about Irresponsibility when in fact you’re one guilty dog? Please, lumugar naman kayo. I can’t stand people who brag their skills (ranging from academic to extra-curricular) like hell, “being responsible miles than Barry,” in my face as if I’m some daft who just spouted from a street faucet to wreak “irresponsibility” in this universe!

( wrath will never be restrained )