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In my recent posts, you could’ve imagined me punching my keyboard with gritting teeth, meeting eyebrows and clouding smokes. I was completely, err, partly moody thanks to several loathsome people in school, worthy of immolation. I was overpouring with pure negative vibes every time. And if you walk across me in school, you would be lucky enough to get a smirk on my poker face. Then again, I hoped you guys got my message clearly:


Obviously, I cannot draw the line to my loony obsession with non-cramming, which eventually results to cramming (hence rare blogging). So to spatter some pinch of lightness to this quasi-absconded blog, here I am dedicating 30 minutes to make a “happy” post. Afterwards, you can congratulate me for being plastik.

FRONT PAGE! Filipinized Shows Generally Disliked!

Our favorite American shows– Heroes, ohh! ahh!– are arriving on our sets fairly on September. And even if I’m not a serious fanatic of the very girly-themed Gossip Girl, I must say that its alleged “local version” Lipgloss (which premiered last week daw) makes me reluctant to jive with the trend of “Filipinizing” everything that is foreign. There are reportedly a few tries which leaped to mass success i.e. Marimar(?) whilst most tries have shattered to pieces i.e. The Rest.

Well, I can’t judge things as if I’m some television expert (and out of fear of being filed with libel in such young age, coz ye know how I criticize), so you judge for yourself. Here it is…

Yeah, I found Saab cute when I was in high school. I mean, as if you didn’t know that.

MORE NEWS! Arroyo! The “Green” President?!

Environment Secretary Atienza called Arroyo a “green” president before and baptized an orchid after Ninoy Aquino. I’m glad he didn’t invoke a double meaning for the president or else… What flowers are printed on his Hawaiian polos by the way? I see gumamelas.

MORE MORE NEWS! Mediocrity Calls For Internet Annihilation!

My blockmates and I attended the UP Centennial Lecture by Prof. Shiela Coronel in NISMED, UP Diliman for our Newsroom class. (Howie Severino was spotted there but I figured I already had his autograph taken in my first year, so I let him pass this time).

Columbia University professor and investigative journalist Coronel talked a portion on the country’s less literate citizens (highlight the youth, please!) who have achieved cataclysmical complacence from online browsing than actual reading experience. And it made the crowd guilty, I mean, I was guilty.

What do you say? It’s a sad fact.

So maybe…

Let’s quit blogging. Let’s crash the whole internet system! Let’s thrash all our online buddies, accounts, institutions and networks! Let’s turn analog again; maybe we can feel how it was like during The Night of the Hunter times!

Maybe if the social network sites were abolished, the emo population could have been further diminished. What a great plan of mine!


Jessica Zafra has her own take of social network sites: PM your web impostor or simply a suspicious katukayo, “ARE YOU ME?” Then if he/she replies, it could be the start of a romance next in queue to the literature of Romeo and Juliet! Star-crossed.

Then maybe you could make headlines. I’ll write for you.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Nabasa ko yung post na yun ni Zafra, ang fun nga gawin kasi may nagview ng profile ko sa Friendster with the same name as me. XD

    No, don’t abolish online social communities, I won’t have a life. I propose creating a new language for the internet! XD

  2. Lipgloss…hmmm…we all know where this is going. Lol.

  3. I read The Existential Crisis post too, kaso my full name’s too unique, while my first name’s too common.

    I do remember joining a MySpace group around 3 years ago where all the members were named Rachel. That was fun. XD

  4. to kea: creating a new language will only lead to moronization. believe me.

  5. ohhhhhhhhhh kayam eta

    relax. 2rog m ketdin. hehe

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