Daily Archives: August 27, 2008

¿Quien Sabe?

A close friend personally asked me a couple of days ago if school politics interest me. She was egging me to her party as a certified prospect for the next academic year. I was out of words. After some split seconds of bemusement, I strictly retorted, “Ako? As in… ako?”

Politics in UP, as far as I have witnessed it, is a complex civilization of intelligent elites and freedom fighters. If I were to enter, the whole alarm system could go blaring as an innocent alien has intruded indiscriminately. For further security, they could wear their complete leather gear as to mask themselves from my cluelessness in politics.

And before they could ask what the hell was I doing there, I’d say first, “I come in peace. But I see that umm, never mind. I’ll go back to my planet.”

In short, I still don’t know if I’m an altruistic collegian or an apathetic nonpartisan. ( + )