Daily Archives: August 28, 2008

Blackbird, Fly!

My Speech121 group of seven constantly ramble with each other to come up with a story for our (looming) children’s literature performance. For all I care, we are yet to perform something in front of gullible toddlers which they can instantly relate with and participate on.

Because I already said even before time that I’ve always wanted to be Sweeney Todd, this piece could never be likable for those brats. Our make-up could scare them to their wits while eternally whimpering, “Mommyyyyy!” The piece itself is hell gory and we might get censored by some self-important parent.

Edgar Allan Poe’s dark literature apparently won’t be even thought of. So weird of me. Shit, I really really wanna frighten the kids till their eyeballs stick out. Kidding.

And so I propose my own (Comm3) piece, Snow White and Snow Cone.”

( Once upon a time… )