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Love Fakes Time




Our class went to a school in Tierra Pura, QC, to perform. It was nice seeing the kids participate and enjoy. Wow: ME liking KIDS?! (picture courtesy of Riki Flores).


I just survived a hell week. I can’t call it my first this sem, coz I know and you know (and God knows) that I’d be burned at stake if I claim of it. Anyway as of this moment, I’m still preoccupied with a lot of school work. Headlines and Deadlines.

On the other hand, I must say that I love this semester very much. Not that, you know, I’m some pretentious nerd jackass or something. I’d vomit pronouncing that. There are a lot of reasons why, and here are a few I wish to disclose to people on why I would not want sembreak to arrive on my doorstep, for now: ( three friggin reasons )

A Whole New Weird

Eq100 hosts and the grand winners!

Eq100 hosts and the grand winners!

Confucian Confusing philosophy: Apparently, you live in a home with food, beverage, flat-screen TV, plumbing track, etc. which have this phrase on its butts: Made in China. Pwede ring “Manufactured.” Either way, it does sound terrible nowadays. Come to think of it, are the Chinese natives planning on total world extermination?!

I have no beef with these people (hello, I even think my blood tank can seep into at least a liter of Chinese blood) coz I have a gazillion Chinoy friends. And I have to thank them for their participation in the barter trade hundreds of years ago. And hello. killing was never THIS GOOD, you know.

( more misadventures!!! )

Art… Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Rizal and his dreams

Rizal and his dreams

Strangely, I’m turning into an average junkie of Dulaang UP plays. I have watched at least two of their shows every academic year. In which case, I have to thank my professors who adhered to their respective departments’ by-law to require students into watching. Generally, the word I could easily utter after watching is either “Ayos!” or “Sulit!” No, it’s never “Nyeta!”

Nearly two months after I watched the miserable street kids of Hinabing Pakpak ng Ating mga Anak by Dr. Anton Juan, Jr., I poof in Guerrero Theatre with a few blockmates for Floy Quintos’s Isang Panaginip Na Fili last Sunday. It was a play about the lengthy tete-a-tete between our well-combed national hero Jose Rizal with his scalawag roommate Tunying Ibañez set in France. They both elaborated the flow of Rizal’s second book El Filibusterismo as the author himself shows his dilemmas on it. It was like, “El Fili: The Making.”

INTERLUDE: I am never a play connoisseur. My comments are just pretending to make sense.

El Fili is more often than not a spooky and bloody book. In the play, Ibañez threw a contracted shades on his nose and became the manipulative jeweler Simoun (the vengeful Crisostomo Ibarra). Rizal meanwhile usually stayed on a platform in the stage and developed his story. With the numerous roaring performers onstage dressed as illustrados, indios, revolutionists, friars, students, etc., it felt like…no, not the 18th century. More like, fourth year high school again. The year 2005. ( the ups and downs of Fili )

Series of Unfortunate FX Events

Oh, I'm sooo touched.

How touching.


And so the saga continues. Last Friday dusk, I rode another kolorum FX only to get stuck in traffic for an abhorrent ten minutes in that Barangka flyover. As soon as we surpassed that Calvary, the vehicle turned left for a shortcut. We glided with the slippery road until the driver indiscriminately decided to hit the breaks. He came out of the thing, lifted its hood and came back in to tell us passengers, “I’m sorry, there seemed to be a glitch. I’ll be returning your money so that you can go get yourselves some other mode of transportation.”

Isn’t he sweet?


I went out of it and proceeded to the nearest lamppost with the displeased others, and waited for 15 minutes coz hell, 98% of the PUVs which have passed were all chock-full. Is this some omen saying that wait, “Youuuuuuuu must maaaaake tipiiiiiid. Go riiiiiiiiide a jeeeeeeeepney.” Okay, fine. ( Read More )