Better Never Than Late

Yes, I still exist in pictures

Yes, I still exist in pictures

picture by Ela

For more than seventeen years, I have quite done a bounty of stupid things. Some are of course brought by accident and few are just by my own heinous will.

My certificate of good moral conduct regards me as immaculate, fine. As a Catholic school boy, I have been a fan of conformity for the fear of being damned in a place called hell. My intentions are of no relation to terrorism, please, all people know that.

Have I told you that in sixth grade, my barkada and I unintendedly wrecked a sink in the kindergarten rest room?

We were playing hide and seek and four of us, including me, decided to sashay inside the john. Someone stood on the sink to spy on a window which was just above it(sink). Maybe because of his weight, I dunno, the sink trembled and landed on the floor with him. We exited immediately muffling agreeably what has just transpired. The day after, during the flag ceremony, the offence was announced. No, we didn’t turn ourselves in. Ssshhh.

On the other hand, my grade school attendance was neat. I could only absent myself if a bacteria infected my system, but as for serious matters, it happened rarely. Afterwards,you would be seeing me again tomorrow after, grinning, “Good Mooooooooooooorniiiiiiing!” like that annoying brat in an instant noodle commercial.

In high school though, waking up at eight when flag ceremonies start at seven thirty was habitualized. In sophomore year most especially, I was a suki of the office in-charge of late comers. I would be found cogitating on more considerable excuses (unlike “I woke up late,” “My driver woke up late,” or “My stomachache was an unimaginable horror” types) to salvage my attendance. WIth a few fellows, the pack was almost baptized as the Society of Tardy Weasels. But I didn’t want to be the president.

I’m glad UP has been relatively more lax in this aspect. This first semester however, I planned to regain my respect in terms of attendance. I foresaw my self a good record with my professors (never mistake me for a teacher’s pet, or I’ll strangle you). But I drastically failed.

My Media Law class are set during Thursdays (8:30-11:30) although our prof instructed us beforehand that we are to start everything by nine (8:30 could lead me to self-loathing). One Thursday, I woke up at exactly 8:40 so I got alarmed as if Doomsday was coming. I reached CMC by 9:30 with my professor declaring at me, “You’re already absent for the day.”

I’m stupid but you’re merciless, I thought. This is the only “absence” I had for this sem. Sigh.

And for the most perfectly frustrating thing I had lately, check it in my multiply.

About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. I was always too early or too late.

    The problem is, you can never be late if you are a nursing student. 15 minutes late in hospital duties could mean an absent and an absent is equals to 3 make up duties. I always end up with 9 make up duties at the end of each semester… you’ll be kicked out of the program with 12 make up duties.

    At least wala pa naman akong napatay na pasyente di tulad nung kakilala ko.

  2. haha. salamat sa credit, barry.^^

    ang sad nman ng media law mo. ‘wag mo na kasi ipilit ang perfect attendance. ‘di na naman uso ‘yun! haha.:p

  3. “Have I told you that in sixth grade, my barkada and I unintendedly wrecked a sink in the kindergarten rest room?”

    But no one was punished? Kung sa school namin to dati, buong class magsa-suffer. Haha.

    Almost perfect din yung grade school at high school attendance ko.

    I want that UP ID lace. I want that. Haha.

  4. feeling ko we were punished enough sa for our konsensiya. lol

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