Pepperoni Squads

May Angal?

May Angal?

With a massive pimple on my left cheek, I vomited my degraded self-esteem just so I could watch the televised 71st UAAP cheer dance competition. At 7:15 in the morning, I queued in line in the locked Araneta with some blockmates for an inconsolable move to get some shitty ticket.

It was nothing compared to the hellish previous UP registration processes so much that security marshals kept an eagle sight to make our lives less… inconvenient. The booth for the general admission tickets was opened 9:05 almost exactly on what was presupposed. Or if not, I could have slaughtered the operations managers. The marshals scared the assholes who plotted making singit on the lines away. Thank you. (I even saw Ayeen pa, an alumna orgmate.)

After we successfully purchased our desired passes, I, altogether with my blockmates, lunched in Steak Escape only to be killed more softly. That inferior counter lady was so bereft of multi-tasking skills I almost went into a comatose in front of her, just because of pure hunger. “Ate, mamamatay na ‘ko,” I thought while showing her a pout that could hypnotize her to entertain my order.

At 11:37 we sneaked ourselves in the coliseum only to know that hey, we got no seats left! In short, for practically a half-day I mustered all potential energy stored in my lanky physiology just to sustain my existence in the audience! And I did it!

An hour before the actual show, the drummers exhibited their what else… drums to the hungry crowds of Araneta. Cheering their lungs out, I felt a bulb which just flickered in my scalp as I pronounce, “This is it!” Adrenalized completely, I began to yell like someone who just snorted an envelope of drugs. Maybe that’s the secret of my fellows. Lol, kidding. This was better than what I experienced two seasons ago when I seated with the (blinding) yellow-clad Tamaraws.

Fuckin Gen An Perspective

Fuckin Gen Ad Perspective

When the program started shortly after the patagisan ng drums. The host Boom Gonzales was making the roll call for the university participants, and of course…

di kami nagpatalo. Lol.

Pat (a.k.a. Trish), our school’s court side reporter, looked dazzling even if she looked like a molecule from my perspective. Journ yan. Lol, epal ko lang.

And so, after some glaring commercialized attempts of Samsung, The Show began.


I wanna blog some comments on the presenters. And if you dare question or indiscriminately argue, put in mind that the further comments are extremely personal. “Not yours, not anyone else’s” (Barry Norman). Although, the following are not really libel-material; they’re just… me.

(Hey, why I am explaining my self to you? This is my blog, I can write whatever I like, unless malicious and unlawful.)

1. UST’s Salinggawi Dance Troupe did a relatively simple attack, noticeably to refrain from commiting presumably unforgivable mistakes. Malinis, people admitted. But I thought they were really better than that. I expected more. Come on, USTe.

2. Surprisingly, FEU’s Pep Squad had came up with a comprehensible concept: Blaze. They were good. Yeah, good.

3. The UP (aaaaahhh!) Pep Squad (wooohhhhhh!) meanwhile was never a disappointment (yyyyeeeeeessss!). Their originality, creativity and dating mind-blowingly deleted the memory of a few non-telegenic faults. But the judges saw fineness, and I praise them for that.

Of course, I am biased. Get real, you moron. Thus I blurted the aforementioed comments. But that’s authenticity for all. =)

4. Also, Ateneo’s Blue Babble Batallion and Adamson’s pep squad showed some awesome improvements. They had the penchant to do stunts involving a circular formation which definitely engrossed the audience. Appaluse, applause.

And so after pondering with my blockmates on who the day’s champion will be, I prayed silently that justice be served. Whatever that means. God surely comprehended. But the students I’ve talked to had a general reaction that Ateneo or FEU deserved better than UST. Hmmm.

Pic from Inquirer

Pic from Inquirer. Net

Yes, The UP Pep Squad won. (Note: that is not a typographical error; I usually make small letters capital if I feel like it.) First runner-up: UST. Third-placer: FEU.

Yes, thank you very much UP Pep Squad. I love you, people. I wanna be one of yer drummers.

I went home exhausted and grimy, eeriely feeling the urge to cheer once more “Ooh! Nibersidad! Ng Pilipinas! Ooh! Nibersidad! Ng…” but I had already emitted an odd combination of the departed Inday Badiday’s and the wiggly John Travolta’s voices. Yech.

At home once more, when I was SMSing with some jubilant UP friends, some actually gave me scathing messages about the competition…


“93.3 UP
85.27 UST
83.9 FEU
83.4 ADMU
I loveth!”

“Biruin mo na ang lasing at bagong gising. Wag lang ang mga USTeng sa Araneta nanggaling!”

At ito, hindi ko kinaya:

“I had extra tickets [for patron seat]. You should have gotten it.”



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  1. I really liked DLSU’s performance. I actually thought they’d place. or rather hoped they’d place. I’ll tell my dad 4th ADMU, he’ll be happy.

    nice new layout!

  2. actually i liked ADMU blue babble a lot. hehe. ang sama namin, we sat during the entire NU performance. congrats pala sa ateneo, im for ateneo when it comes to basketball.

    yeah, layout’s cleanerrific

  3. hahaha, my dad was super happy with the ADMU win. libre nanaman kami!!!

  4. ADMU really did improve, especially w/o the ancient all-guys routine (which was replaced by the “macho man” routine…) UP was great…fuck UST!!! hahaha

  5. waooo what a great event. Wish i was there to witness this. oh i missed this.

  6. it was fun fun fun fun fun!

  7. actually okay din ang ADMU. deserve nilang maging top 4.
    kaso iba talaga UP eh. hekhek

  8. Muka namang nagenjoy ka.(NG SOBRA SOBRA)

  9. I saw it on Studio 23 and I knew it right after the first half na may panalo na UP. Hehehehe!

  10. Galing ng UP!

    Un lang.

    No explanation needed. :p

  11. to richmond: i know right. hahaha, halata sa video.

    to jmar and alps: cheers!

  12. were you shouting in the video? it’s hilarious. lol

  13. boo USTe? haha

  14. Does anyone know the judges’ names last 2008 uaap cheer dance competition?

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