Against All Frogs

The countdown continues in…

13 I’m heading an org project for September 24. It’ll be a quiz show on UP history and trivia. For more clarity, click that JPEG image. If you are a UP-D student (under- or postgraduate), extraordinarily insane or just ordinary, you can join. Form a group of three, contact ME (there’s my cell number) and win as much as three grand!

Win 3K!!!

Win 3K!!!

12 Speaking of org, not that I’m complaining but really, I feel like I’m not giving enough time and effort for my orgs these days. Blame my academic and social life; my ultimate whims have reached wants of resignation and leaving. But I know I can handle it, at least for this sem! Hehe. I fear that I’ll be getting another probationary status on November and finally getting chucked out. Well, that’s life.

11 Thursday afternoon, Dreo and I interviewed the renowned Sir Luis Teodoro for our ethics requirement. It was so pleasant hearing him speak articulately that after that 45-minute conference in the office, I felt my fluency was a point of discomfiture. Intimidation aside, it was like entering a chapel of media excellence.

10 I’m rooting for interviews with the UP Pep Squad’s coach Pereña and team captain Sison for my feature writing class. Aside from this, I have a mound of articles to write these days. It’s really strange that my cramming skills have been maximized. Perhaps extreme cramming is the only developmental achievement I had from this four-year course! Hoorah!

9 For my newsroom class, yes, Amae is the editor-in-chief. I’m really proud of her even if I haven’t contributed anything to her intellectual promotions among our batch. It’s hard to stay next to her knowing that you’ll be getting swallowed by her utter astuteness, but in the end, she’d still be that chummy girl you always knew. Meanwhile, she appointed me as the photo-graphics editor of our laboratory newspaper, and you know I’d just taken another Herculean task that would give me due hypertension. K. Sarap.

8 My mom’s here making my weekend a brief birthday celebration. At this age of mine, I really liked a stress-free escape from EVERYTHING.



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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. hay.. i miss my school days…

    nah, not really! ha, ha.

    seriously, good luck to you, while you perform your character in that show called “school life”. Make the most out of it, coz when the script changes to “after school/mid life crisis” there are more issues to worry about.

  2. i wanna ghave job na nga eh. hahah

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