Mind Your Own Birthday!

Yes, it is my birthday, and if you have bothered to forget, aside from the hurt you have punctured on my feelings, what I’ll tell you is that the comment thingum of this blog is fully functional.

Yes, I’m 18. Believe it.

Yes, I’m in a good mood. Don’t even think of sabotaging my day of mirth.

Yes, I’m too reckless to sing in front of a real crowd. I can act too. Again, believe it.

Yes, this WordPress blog has just turned one year. But it appears as if this WordPress is more mature than the author himself. Lol.

No, I’m not expecting a gift from you. I’m too old for that. Don’t venture logging in to Facebook just so you can send me some virtual shit, coz hello, what will I use them for? Patty sent me a virtual gift the feeling was really different. Thanks woodycakes!

No, I’m not making you libre. I don’t live in a missionary house; you’ve bumped on the wrong person.

No, I still don’t smoke. What the hell’s with ye? Yer thinkin weird, dude.

No, I’m not a snub. I’m just conscious of my private space. Make friends with me and I’ll be hospitable. Squint viciously on me and I’ll cast a hex on you. Suggestion: If you keep some angusih against me, play innocent and don’t backstab.

No, I don’t backstab. I stab you directly to your aorta. I like channeling some of Edgar Allan Poe’s dementia.

Yes, I’m typing randomly. Bye.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. hehe..belated and advance happy birthday for next year! wahaahhaha~!!
    and your not weird… hehehe ^^

  2. happy birthday barry!! woohoo see ya later! and btw, is this the one you’re busy with kanina instead of our feature article?? haha. happy birthday! 😀

  3. ganun ba?! haha, sige babawiin ko na lang virutal gift ko. LoL
    happy birthday!

  4. maligayang pagbati katoto. haha. 😀

  5. Happy birthday to ye!
    Yay! You’re 18…you can now go to night clubs and hook up with um…nevermind.

  6. you guys are so brave to comment. ahahha. some others would personally tell me that they got scared because of this post. lol. i love you’all

  7. kailan toh napost? belated? haha!

  8. Sabi na nga ba birthday mo eh.

  9. Finally, Barry can get drunk and hook up with (as what Jeimar wanted to say) the girls. Clean-living girls, that is.

  10. kevin, clean-living. hahahah. my “debut” was a whimper

  11. 19 ka na. manglibre ka naman! =p

  12. belated 😀

    hope 2 see u soon

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