Series of Unfortunate FX Events

Oh, I'm sooo touched.

How touching.


And so the saga continues. Last Friday dusk, I rode another kolorum FX only to get stuck in traffic for an abhorrent ten minutes in that Barangka flyover. As soon as we surpassed that Calvary, the vehicle turned left for a shortcut. We glided with the slippery road until the driver indiscriminately decided to hit the breaks. He came out of the thing, lifted its hood and came back in to tell us passengers, “I’m sorry, there seemed to be a glitch. I’ll be returning your money so that you can go get yourselves some other mode of transportation.”

Isn’t he sweet?


I went out of it and proceeded to the nearest lamppost with the displeased others, and waited for 15 minutes coz hell, 98% of the PUVs which have passed were all chock-full. Is this some omen saying that wait, “Youuuuuuuu must maaaaake tipiiiiiid. Go riiiiiiiiide a jeeeeeeeepney.” Okay, fine.


Starting tomorrow, you might as well take portraits of me since I don’t know if I’m going to be dead or what. Prepare your self with this list of academic toils I’ll be encountering these coming weeks:

The Newsroom Class = one feature article + five photos + one illustration + one editorial cartoon + one column + one photo essay

Journalism Ethics Class = one oral report + one final paper

Feature Writing Class = one editor-in-chief job + one article + one online magazine

Photojournalism Class = one photo essay (a.k.a. music video) about poverty

Media Law Class = one oral report + one final paper

Voice and Diction Class = one final oral exam

Oral Interpretation Class = two Aladdin performances + one chamber theatre play + one written critique.

I guess these are enough pretexts to others that hey, I no longer have a life than THIS.

I also have EQ^100: The UP Centennial Quiz Show on Wednesday, 3-6 PM, and you can flay away my “sufferings” by joining this entertainment quiz show. Register for P100 and get to win as much as P3,000! Simply that.

I hope everything will be fine after I pour my internals on these.


Last Thursday and Friday, I rushed to the UP Shopping Center, so that I can print some important papers (school-related, or course). I slotted my USB on one of its computers of a certain stall so that the woman could print my soft copy.

As I reached home to slot the USB in the PC, I get to be stunned by this VIRUS in it, in which my AVG Free cannot detect. Like, what the fuck SC? Noooooo.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Grabe bisibusyhan ka ha. hehre

  2. kaya mo yan barry!!! 😀
    you’ll survive 🙂 promise!

  3. Your fx experience — it happens to me most of the time, pag traffic. hehehehe. eh pano pa ko makakalipat ng ibang sasakyan kung TRAFFIC nga diba? LOLz.

  4. Monique Anne Ligsay

    uy barry, sino ka sa aladdin? ivy daw si genie..haha..:)

  5. Ayun lang. Use Linux na lang para hindi ma-apektuhan nh virus.hehe

    Andami nga talagang nagkalat na virus sa SC. Hay.

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