A Whole New Weird

Eq100 hosts and the grand winners!

Eq100 hosts and the grand winners!

Confucian Confusing philosophy: Apparently, you live in a home with food, beverage, flat-screen TV, plumbing track, etc. which have this phrase on its butts: Made in China. Pwede ring “Manufactured.” Either way, it does sound terrible nowadays. Come to think of it, are the Chinese natives planning on total world extermination?!

I have no beef with these people (hello, I even think my blood tank can seep into at least a liter of Chinese blood) coz I have a gazillion Chinoy friends. And I have to thank them for their participation in the barter trade hundreds of years ago. And hello. killing was never THIS GOOD, you know.

Bye Bye: I finally pulled off EQ^100. And it was sort of successful! Thank you to my orgmates who bent their joints just so they could help me with this project. Thank you to the contestants and congratulations to the winners. Three grand is never a joke! Thank you to our patient and perky hosts Ivy Cay and Joaqui Valdez. And most specially, thank you to the special events team.

Finally, I can summon my pitch to tell my chairperson, “I’m quitting.” Lol. No, really, but let’s just wait and see. Back to acads.

Old McDonald's

Old McDonald's

A whole new whirled: The pictures scattered in this post are of course, our Tuesday performance in front of Ma’am. I have to say Zaf who played Aladdin could scare the children; meanwhile, Jafar is the one who’s irritatingly laughable with his two flirtatious guards. Got it, I’m Jafar.


I wanna be a Hiro: I can’t believe Heroes is BACK!!! This means that I must join the improved Heroes fan site in Facebook. Everything just glues me to my whims. Go Hayden!


Aladdin... Ali Ababwa!!!

The Revised Journalist Theme: I actually like my new theme now, courtesy of the state-of-the-art WordPress technology. I’m inclined to develop some fondness on changing my theme on a monthly basis. Hehe. I hope more themes will be sliding to my doorstep soon, paging WordPress! Lol.

Generally, these are basically my points for a perfect theme:

1. flexible width
2. white background
3. artistic streaks or splats of blue and white
4. with a reply thread on every comment
5. a customized header

In the site where Heather announces the new theme, a lot of users were actually praising… Heather. Lol. They were calling her hot and all. Such weird people. And to think, a quite huge number were quibbling on the new theme’s inaptness.

Your Wish is my Command

Your Wish is my Command

On the other hand, I love how WordPress is on the go on improving every piece of this hosting site. If I earn enough, I would have to purchase more delightful treats. Keep up the good work, you guys!


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. congratulations!!! you guys did a fab job! 🙂 i’m so proud 🙂

  2. yes! the only prob was that a few people only joined and watched. either way, thanks patty!

  3. what are the chinese thinking nowadays? jeopardizing milk products..ugh. but they’re still great people tho. the beijing olympics was a kickass. lol.

  4. You also read BBC news? Wala lang, I also get my daily dose of news from there. Fun ung mga analyses and Q&A portions.. La lang.. Syempre medyo off-tangent ung reply ko.. 😀

  5. haha, yeah,anything newsworthy could be worth reading

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