Monthly Archives: October 2008

Wanna Have Some Pun?

I tried to look for a vivid documentation of our Speech121 Underneath Her Clothes production, but so silly of us, everyone in the class poorly utilized their cameras and video cams (probably because of the eerie tension then). However, Ivy’s man actually recorded three-fourths of Cinderella– in where in one scene, I appeared as the gangly fairy god…mader! Lol. Hehe. But wait- sadly, I only chose to post the absolutely depressing first scene where Cinderella’s dad was about to be buried. So here…

Sorry that I kinda posted it late. At least I got to post it just before the second semester starts. Yey! ( Read more… )


Eleanor Rugby

Dudes, sorry for the hiatus. Yep, I’m already in my sem(not-so)break since my dad has been confined in a hospital. I’m punching keyboards here in a computer shop. Lol. Anyway, I hope everything would be fine, though transforming the semi-suite into a full-blown hotel room was fun. Haha. Kidding aside, praying would help a lot.

On CRS naman, only one of my grades has been uploaded. Syet. And they’re not giving my Geol 1 subject. What?! That’s not a surprise though. ( Read more… )

Staying Alive (Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!)

Since WordPress has developed this PollDaddy thang, which was totally good news, and since every time I put a “poll” here, people really don’t vote accordingly (they comment), I made my first official poll. With or without a WordPress/Polldaddy account, you can cast your vote there! Isn’t that cool?

( click to see the pictures. and answer the poll! )

Not Vicky Morales

The following video is a photo essay I made for Photojournalism class as a final requirement. Ayun. Huwag kayong matawa if I do sound like Vicky Morales (of Wish Ko Lang) sa audio, ah. Lol!

I wanna thank Windows Movie Maker for this. WTF!