There was Barry and his life. And it was Beautiful

I’m NOT sorry for the hiatus.

Really, that picture does not exactly reflect my mood as of this moment. I was butchered by Journ121 and Speech121 respectively. I mean, I’m pretty ecstatic that almost four of my subjects this semester are NOW over. That should translate to a lot of sleep and rest but sadly… my minions, NO.

I could be blogging about my mini-crush instead coz we had a lot of moments together that made me act so scatterbrained. But aside from the given fact that I’m already scatterbrained, I think baka mabasa pa niya to. Haha. I don’t wanna get busted by my classmates again. Pero just gimme some “Barrydontbepakipot-tellthestoriesna-youbullshit” talk and I might perhaps blog EVERY THING. Lol. But I repeat, She Has A Boyfriend.


I’ll miss my 121 pack, both from Journ and Speech!


8AM. The day after this would be our final play in Oral Interpretation and so I woozily gathered all my costumes in a plastic bag; I have two roles to portray yet, and one of which is in Cinderella where nose-flicking hours of rehearsals were extremely needed. I also heaped my sleepover clothes, since this night, I would have to be in our classmate’s home in Rizal for the layout processing of our UP Frontier laboratory paper. Friday 5PM is the deadline.

10AM. I blearily traveled to UP for our play rehearsal clasping a huge Styrofoam and larger-than-life backpack and plastic bag. As soon as I reached the Teatro Hermogenes Ylagan (THY), the venue of our final production, I got surprised that a few people were only doing what was supposed to be done: straight-arrow rehearsals. Half of the class was still nowhere. The lightings were being taken care of and I was expected to be printing our play poster.

1130AM. So Riki drove Janica and me to SC to mind some other stuff. I printed the poster and here it is. I’m failed to post it in this WordPress though. Oops!

made by me...

made by me...

1PM. At this time, dress rehearsals should’ve been starting, but voila, no one’s payin’ attention. Our Cinderella team has gone mad coz of all people in the cast, our Prince (who launched a thousand cuss words from us- find out later!) still wasn’t there. He had an exam, alright. Meanwhile, some proactive others were already running through their respective plays.

5PM. The day was apparently uneventful. Production manager Nick was wheezing with stress, making me pity him so much. Actually, all of us needed everyone’s pity. I then walked down to Lutong Bahay and meet up with UP Frontier‘s layout team. Earl drove seven of us to Sophia’s home in Rizal. We equipped our selves with laptops, Adobe software, cameras and all, groceries, pizza, Kopiko 3-in-1 instant coffee blend, etc. to finally get our paper over and done with.

7PM. We finally reached Sophia’s village- buti na lang exclusive, we can do whatever we want without getting thrashed by some nosy neighbor. In her hospitable residence, first and foremost, I requested for their Magic Sing and altogether, we let an hour pass just singing along. We were assembled in our classmate’s “garage” which looked like a living room. We plugged our laptops and made it into a newsroom. Apart from these computers, there was a desktop one inside her mother’s dentist’s clinic too. Whew!

9PM. We started doing all of the things planned: layouting, cartooning, editing, writing, etc. It was fun during the first hours constantly chattering with chichirya on our side but eventually as the first hand of the clock ticked midnight, we started to act lifeless needing coffee in our systems.


3AM. Same things. But this time, some were already napping. In which case, napping here didn’t usually mean more than 30 minutes. After sipping that unusually bitter Kopiko coffee, I had been fully adrenalized and felt no drowsiness at all. As I maximized my minor skills in Photoshopping the illustrations, I continuously galvanized the others to talk about anything. Or about nothing, as long as they make it sound like something.

6AM. I came out smiling from the clinic holding my very valued USB. “Here’s the photo essay!” I exclaimed but instantly frowned as I saw the morning shine. Umaga na pala. After it, I did another illustration and finished polishing my feature article. Once I get this done, editor-in-chief Amae pronounced, I can go to our play.

9AM. I was done with my tasks. Yes, makakaalis na ‘ko, I finally said. I was almost ready to take a bath when my mini-crush called, asking if I could fetch her in her dorm para sabay na kami papuntang UP. She had loads of props with her daw and she needed manpower. Sure, I said, but not earlier than 1130. She affirmed, so I got excited leaving my journ friends and having another “solo” chance with her. Haha. I excitingly brushed my teeth and thoroughly bathed only to receive an SMS saying that she didn’t need me to get to the venue anymore, after. I theorized that her boyfriend must’ve been there before me. Damn!

12AM. I reached UP after singly journeying from Rizal, snoozing in the FX after every ten seconds, and enduring traffic in Katipunan. By the way, I bought my self some Hershey’s to make my mood go light.

230PM. We’re all dressed. But the prince still wasn’t on sight. We kept SMSing and calling him but no, he was remote. We evidently went almost hysterical if he doesn’t show up any minute then. Whatever his excuse may be, He Must Go. So, we got Jose to do a rather impromptu role.

3PM. THY was already rousing audience. Our professor came and instructed us to start in a few minutes. We congregated for a prayer and then commenced the show. The three-hour Underneath Her Cothes, I must say, fully engrossed the audience who without doubt had F U N by laughing boisterously at the punch lines. At our chamber Cinderella, I mean most. Other plays included solos and duos of Sweeney Todd (ehem), Usapang Puke, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, A Phenomenal Woman and Othello. Ma’am TP who was supposed to have an appointment at 4:30, ditched punctuality and finished the show. Yey!

6PM. The play ended with a yet amusingly sabog moment as we ate spaghetti congratulating each other at the best class production of our lives.


Charm Danica Eky
Irish Ivy Janica
JC Jose Luigi
Lyanne Maine Monica
Nick Nikki Norly
Pau Riki Sarah
Septy Steph Zaf

I so enjoyed working with you, guys. I can be a murderer, a soldier, Jafar, Sweeney Todd or a gay fairy on stage, and I won’t mind being watched and criticized by you.

To you, my dear friends, as what Riki said in our class prayer, “I hope that THIS won’t be the last time we’d see each other.”


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. awww. barry in senti mode? hmm. see you next sem! i’ll miss this class*

  2. yeah. i know, i love you all! hahaha

  3. shet naiyak ako! waaaaaaaaa
    this is one of the subjects i wont foget til i age in life!
    Thanks Barry for pulling me along with you to prerog for this subject!
    muah muah

  4. huhuhuhuhuhuhu 😦

  5. boyfriend pa lang naman.
    point her out to me ha. or rather point out the boyfriend, para mabangga na. 😉

  6. to monika: wow, naiyak hehehe you’re welcome, dudette!

    to riki: don’t you cry now

    to patty: bad influence hahaha but i like the idea

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