Staying Alive (Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!)

Since WordPress has developed this PollDaddy thang, which was totally good news, and since every time I put a “poll” here, people really don’t vote accordingly (they comment), I made my first official poll. With or without a WordPress/Polldaddy account, you can cast your vote there! Isn’t that cool?

I AM HOME, at last.

For your information, I have just been freed from the demanding manacles of academics. Writing, acting, editing, layouting, photoshopping, reporting, singing, traelling, and sorts- I have alllll done to finally finish off this hellish semester. I don’t think I would have to expound on that since all my blog posts (or lack thereof) depicted naturally that, dude, I really needed some break.

After I discharged all my electrolytes for the past weeks, I am now here blogging without a deadline to regard. Whew! Last Friday night, I was dragged along by some journ juniors to Drew’s in Katipunan. I spent three hours with the two sardonic Jeans, Dionne, Kea, Kelvin, Nika and Kris, as to celebrate the (virtually over) semester. Thanks guys!

We're glad it's over!

We're glad it's over!!! =)

What are your plans for sembreak anyway, guys? =)


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Do us all a favor and stop with the Barry-style of shooting. kthnx. XD

  2. you know you love it, kea =p

  3. asteg..eto.. sembreak=pahinga..stop muna sa mga bars and concert.. time naman para magpakababoy..hehehe

  4. to wei: adsvice ba yan? =p
    to patty: sureness =)

  5. yeah… advice… recharge some energy dude.. a lot of sleep will help tapos konting gala lang =)

  6. ayan ah bumoto ako. ansaya naman ni niyo.

  7. to wei: sadly, di pa ako nakakarest talaga, nagbabantay ako sa ospital as of this moment =(

    to jonell: thanks. of course, we’re happy, tapos na ang sem hehe

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