I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Yes, I’m back. Back to everything, I think. Blame it on the jam-packed-ness of my past schedule. I love blogging but see, offline life was more relieving than usual. And to those who cared…

K Fine

My general weighted average whizzed amazingly, seriously first semester was a great measure of how far I could go. Yey. Thanks to all, especially to God. And so, for second sem, hello new me.

Although I’m not sure if what does “new me” means. Maybe Barry with new priorities, new outlook, new positive attitude, new routines, and all. Second sem could help me find what I’ve always been looking for. Which in fact, I have no idea what is.

To aid spiritual replenishment, my blockmate suggested that we both join a religious organization in UP this sem. Yes, I’d really commit to that. First of all, I thought of getting out of CMC that’s why I eyed for UP JMA but I’m having doubts now. Second, I haven’t been going to mass for the past five months. Hmmm.


Late post- I know right! Honestly, I was then wound up to watch Jun Lana’s Mag-ingat ka sa… Kulam. Come on, the write-ups highly acclaimed this horror flick. So I got my self a ticket and viewed this thing. Of course, only to get mega-pissed later on.


I have always wanted to WATCH a horror movie- since it’s Halloween season then! – to have the extraordinary feeling of fright once again but no… The plot was so puzzling I pitied my foolish ill-mannered seatmates (they’re strangers, of course!) who screamed the loudest, chatted over the phone, and subsequently chattered afterwards. Those bastards.

Officially aside from the people in the theatre, the things I hated in this flick were the respective concepts of:

  • The blind daughter who looked like Judy Anne.
  • Living in an ancestral house (eek, it’s that formula again!)
  • The out-of-the-blue eclipse.
  • Dennis Trillo’s character telling the story for us, audience. Like, we’re not that dumb.
  • Too much drama than horror moments.
  • TJ Trinidad’s character. Period.

I’m sorry for such lousy movie review.

See you in school, guys!


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. hisnameisdencios

    a religuos organization to commit/to replenish is a great step. u just have to make sure u can hand over the activities since (obviously) you are very much busy schooling right?

    Matakot ka sa Kulam if im not mistaken has positve reviews (ok, it’s because of juday-great actress)and grossed too much money(daw), now, u sited few downsides and i would have to say that(just like you) too much drama than horror moments will not work for me so i wouldn’t watch. hehe.

    thanks for hoppin by my blog.
    ill add you sa B.roll ko. Godbless

  2. wow pare, your schedule is crazy. good luck. kaya yan

  3. to dencios: yeah, thanks too. i mean, i was a straight-arrow catholic school boy and look what happened. lol

    to patty: yeah, ilang units ka na lang? =)

  4. anu corz mo tsong?
    e bat ako? monday lang alana pasok.

  5. it’s BA journalism. hehe. though speech subjects crowd my schedule.

  6. hisnameisdencios

    hey alam mo nakakatuwa yung 2nd pic mo (imma nerd and nerds….)

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