150 What? 15 Hours What?

The first week of school wasn’t really that of a blast. It bored me actually, that I didn’t have the pulsing electrolytes to get me workin’ warm. It was so different without actually reprimanded to do something like making anything useful out of nothing. I’ve actually got a group report and acting workshop later in which I didn’t invest proper aura. Well, good luck to me.

K6 at DQ

K6 at DQ

To add, I indolently haven’t bought notebooks for school, like I’m stuck with like writing and doodling on any (available) clean sheet of paper stashed in my shoulder bag. I’m a destitute, you know.

I spent the past week just hanging out in the mall- malls I mean. Last Thursday, I went out with a few blockmates to Trinoma where Jau actually treated us in Dairy Queen. It was so cool shopping out with friends. I bought my self a pair of slippers and before I could truly purchase it, we first scoured around for a good t-shirt for me. Alas, my standard was too improbable so… I bought the fuckin’ slippers anyway.

Last Sunday, I heard that Robinsons (the mall nearest to us) has been on a one-week sale, so I trotted impromptu to the mall, with an excuse to buy Stresstabs instead. Walking alone in a public space was not new to me; I mean I learned that I was more carefree than usual.

When I was dawdling in Sta. Lucia (neighbor mall), I was in reality theorizing about a Glorietta-like flare-up in the mall, and true enough as I was ordering some caramel donut in Gonuts Donuts situated betwixt a pair of escalators, the people behind me were assembling strangely as if there was to be someone performing on some moving stairs. And then all of a sudden, they were covering their noses, and before I could think that my ego smells, there was an odd reek of burned plastic. I turned to see that the escalator on my right was emitting some white smoke, so as soon as I grabbed my donuts, I rushed outside Sta. Lucia before anything worse could happen. Wah!

But seriously, I’m not into shopping. I knew that consumerism sucks but being horribly boring sucks more, I think. I don’t have much money to go waste, too. That’s it for now. See in you in the malls for the next five months, I think. Yikes!

PS Happy birthday to blockmates Amae and Judy, too.


PS PS: I was in my cousin-in-law’s pad last week playing with my niece, and we were watching Tyra Banks’ Oprah-like talk show. And then, the topic was the American website where people were allowed to cheat their spouses online without getting caught– in fact, the site encouraged them. It was a major hit, and guests were telling out their unique stories in the show proper.

One was so unique I almost barfed, together with the audience. A 45-year-old something woman claimed that she’d bedded about 150 guys in roughly six months. The audience and Tyra had their faces distorted as she was inferring that she was having sex two to three times a day. How gross was that, people?

And what about the moment when the man she had a less flippant beau- 12 years younger than her– whom she claimed they had sex once for a record-breaking 15 hours straight, came out of the scene? The (poor) guy was using the website too, though he had no idea how many dozen guys more his chubby FB had been with.

Tyra then dared the woman to squeal to the guy her “secret not-so-secret-anymore.” The guy was breathless and speechless, only after three seconds and he tongue-kissed the woman right in our faces.
God, I’m feeling queasy.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. i think your link is already there hehe

  2. i also watched that episode and to me
    they don’t seem to be kaawa awa at all..

  3. haha
    i mean they were enjoying unlimited shit and all

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