My Txt Commandments

I love texting. I mean to the point of making sense in every text message I send. So what exactly do I mean? Here ye go:

1. I text with virtually no smiley’s. But if I feel that I need to put one, I put “=}.” Either or, I come as a neutral speaker in this kind of communication. By replying, I think people should put some icons which tell their mood- like “hehe,” “aww,” or even “tnx.” So please, do not text me with a commanding tone like “Kailangan ko yung book mo bukas. Reply ASAP.” Reply your ass.

2. I type in straight small letters and almost in correct spellings. I don’t use much punctuation aside from period (not ellipses) and comma.

3. If you text me, try to make sense. I don’t mind ritualistic greetings but group messages– which are of no importance to me- waste my time and cellphone battery. Keep it to your self, will you?

4. I like receiving jokes. It can make my day actually.

5. I like people who reply at times when you needed someone to talk to, and I only got my self and a loaded cellphone. It’s not a coincidence that they’re patching up the quote “A friend in need is a friend in deed.” And if they comfort me well, I know that I’ve got to treasure them.

6. I like receiving a text from someone needing my help. It feels like I’m an actually an expert in something even if I’m not. =p

7. In terms of academic work, I praise people who immediately reply. I ponder that they’re not being selfish, hence cooperative.

8. Off-topic but I really like phoning someone over the mobile phone. There’s more meaning and intimacy over there somehow.

9. I loathe people who refer me as either as Oi or Hoy. Dudes and dudettes, even if I loaded 500, don’t expect a reply in a century.

10. I believe that the SMS is parallel with how you deal with people. So I suggest you just be your self in sending texts. I really think that it reflects one’s personality.

Above all, I love my number handed down to me by a great high school friend in some random moment. It ends in four 1’s.

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About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. i have an aversion to texting. just 1 commandment. choose talking over texting anytime. you and me let’s get coffee, then let’s really talk. di ba? but that’s only me. wala kasi akong cell phone. hehehe.

  2. nakakatakot ka pala katext. lol. =p

  3. ay. suplado nga. haha. pero pareho tayo dyan, mas ok din sa akin ung tawag kesa txt. mas malalaman mo pa ung reactions ng kausap mo. hehe.

  4. to tina: yeah, intimacy

    to tin: di nga? weh? you know it haha

    to lei: di ako supladoooo haha

  5. haha i/m not into texting, unless i have a crush on the textee. hahaha. sige na nga. papadalhan kita ng joke if i find one.

  6. dami requirements ah.
    baka wala ng magteks. joke.
    pero di ko maalis iyan.
    ako rin may ayaw na mga bagay na matanggap.

  7. Ako, I text with smileys.. Kasi LAGI ako napagkakamalang suplado if I just text with: “Sige..”, “K..”, “Bukas na lang..”.. Haha.

    And I also hate people calling me “Oy”, “Oi”, or “Hoy”. I have a name, call me by my naaaaaaaaaaame!

  8. i do reply with K, Cge, Ah..;

    ayun, suplado nga ako =p

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