Bite My Nuts and Call Me Skippy

Precisely, what I think is that I so adore this semester. I mean, how it’s just starting and all, right?

I went as a boho school boy/Mojo Jojo

I went as a boho school boy/Mojo Jojo!

  • November 27. For most people, you may not have known DZUP 1602, as in the radio station in UP. But just this month, I commenced a Radio Circle slot for the organization, with FLOP TOPS: The Pop Hits and Splits Over the Waves. I need props for that title; it took me a five-second stare on an innocuous Flat Tops chocolate candy to come out with a sleek name for an Ang Pinaka type of show. You guys would be hearing us every weekday 3-4PM, and for Thursdays, it would be me and some other people. Good luck on getting the signals though. Really, good luck.
  • November 28. We actually did ceramics, old-fashioned style, for FA class. Our class filled around two enormous tables and kneaded (yeah, like dough!), and finally sculpted by hand those works of fuckin art. The supposedly theme was Philippine folk art and history; I decided beforehand do make a pencil holder shaped into a mango as in the pambansang prutas, but I ended up making a gravy jar shaped into a hideous pawikan. I’ll post the completed form in here next year, after it gets bisque-fired.
  • November 29. My blockmates and I celebrated our junior year (not really, ye know, it was the K6 “birth-month”) in Eastwood, through of course watching Twilight, dining out and ultimately, enjoying the ubiquitous karaoke. As for the latter, I have observed quite well that my singing dexterity has vanished. Anyway, in case you’re totally dumb, and didn’t notice, look up there, those are my blockmates as the Powerpuff Girls and Professor Utonium(?), and I was heinous apathetic Mojo Jojo to the left.
  • December 1. I actually finished Greg Iles’ sci-fi thriller Footprints of God.
  • December 5. What did I say about FA class again? This time, we painted our dusty umbrellas to make it presentable for the prominent UP annual Lantern Parade- yep, we’re participants. I’m kinda enjoyin this class. I’m not shifting out of journalism though. Hehe.
  • December 5 AGAIN. Also, I met up with a long lost friend Steph, and we went talking about all the stuff in the world for the only an hour and a half. Hey dudette, haven’t you known, I haven’t seen you for like a half-year? Lol. And that afternoon, I managed to drop by CMC for the Karolfest where there was no competition to anticipate. The chorales of UP MCO and UP CAST merged such that no other organizations attempted to join. The- how are they called? The CAST of MChOrale?- crooned out Payapang Daigdig and that one… I forgot. They were apparently still awesome, even if this time, I just quit the group. Yax.
  • December 6. I got to watch ATANG of Dulaang UP. Twas cool, ye know, the show was statr-studded including the UP President in the audience, with Pen Medina and other veteran artistes. The stars included Ayen Munji-Laurel and Bituin Escalante, and a few of my theatre friends.

Hope this thing would keep up. This is life, breezy and relaxed. How many days to go before Christmas, fellows? The only trivia I know is that my birthday is exactly a hundred days before the birth of Christ. Go calculate!

And haven’t I told you how WordPress 2.7 brought chills to my bone the first time I logged in with it? Purely awesome! Do you notice the snow falling?


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. did i look square enough to be professor utonium? hahaha!

    andami ko nang kilala na magpaparticipate sa parade thanks to FA 28/30. too bad la na kong AH. boo.

  2. wow. may snow! aylabit.

  3. to jau: di ko pa naeedit yung pic na kumpleto tayong eight? haha bo judy!!!

    to tin: yeah, me too. hehe wordpress astig kasi

  4. oo nga. 😦 i terribly missed you, pala. 😛

    yuck. sinong con(y)o? eweness. hahahah
    barreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I MISS YOU PA RIN!!

  5. hisnameisdencios

    *ayus sa sched a.
    *kung kelan man ng birthday mo ay happy bday na lang hehe.
    *ganda ng mga porma nyo.

  6. to dencio: hehe yeah i love this sem

    thanks sa compliment.

    to steph: lets hang out again sometime!

  7. paano nagkasnow jan? hehehe… nice pix.. parang mga models ah… hehe!

  8. I miss watching teatro sa Dulaang UP.. minsan update mo naman ako.. para makanood.. namimiss ko na sila lex marcos.. kilala mo ba xa? yung mga tatarin, fluid at lisistrata yung mga napanood ko dati.. 🙂

  9. ayos ng pic!
    parang nagmomodel lang eh!

  10. to yhen: it’s in the wordpress’s appearance extras 🙂

    to walongbote: i havent watched those plays hehe there’s a DUP website, i think.

    to eloiski: thanks, i looked pathetic and apathetic though :p

  11. powerpuff girls?? haha. infairness, i look good sa edited pic na yan ha! haha. “ang arte ko kasi!” niahahha..

    i told you so- FA is one big FUN!

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  13. alin pinapatingin mo? yung model comments o yung blog sponsorship? haha. :p yung pityur sa arneow!!

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