Whenever I see Boys and Girls

Oh, it’s that melody again! Nah, I‘m not hearin any of it actually. I thoroughly feel no tension of the Yuletide season anymore. This is not… My Christmas.

pic by Jedd Hernandez

pic by Jedd Hernandez

As I’ve said a year ago, I don’t believe the core of this popular season is the “L” word: LOVE. Of course, not! Quit those cheesiness and I‘ll propose this theory of mine. You know, love is something more intense and passionate, and that’s for Valentines to match, for all I care. It is an abstract feeling deteriorated completely by any Richard Gutierrez fucking film. And I have always been thinking of another theory which is that when you were born on the month December, you might consider the date of February 14 as notorious of the you-know-what process. Get me? Lol. Anyway, moving on to my Christmas theory, the reason people bond together during the season is no other than WARMTH.

It’s so cold we can’t help but to turn off the air-conditioners, dive under our sheets, wear our fashionable Gap, boots and lots of scarves, and ultimately, find someone to not make us feel any more arctic. It’s what we love about Christmas; people gather together around one long table, or on the illuminated sala, to enjoy bonding time. We talk, rant, have family and barkada reunions, play infinite scrabble and let time pass. We don’t feel cold anyway; the interrelationship of our anatomies is so strong the dew, or exaggeratedly, the snow outside can do no more than just be a picturesque setting for old times’ sake.

It’s the essence of Christmas: Jesus was born in a forlorn and damp hangar, but we could see the perfect ensemble with the wandering kings, innocent sheep and donkeys, and Mary and Joseph just staring gladly at the infant. Why? Coz obviously Mary not welcomed by any inn managers given the weather that was way too cold, cannot give birth outdoors. Perhaps, this is the genuine side on why God conceived cold weather, just particular for the birth of Christ. Sorry to the atheists, but I think this is not at all coincidence.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. haha. i hate christmas. my birthday was on the first day of january, so people would tell me “yung regalo mo sa birthday mo na lang”.

    im such a grinch.

  2. ahahaha so more likely, your parents did it february 14. lol

  3. ayaw niyo namang magblue ano? hehe! next time magblue kayo! merry christmas! 😉

  4. im wearin gray, ye know. lol. blue is the org’s official color together with yellow. there was a carolfest the picture was taken. ayun. (may explanation? =p)

  5. cakiedoodledhere

    “…Richard Gutierrez fucking film”

    REALLY awful mental image… thanks a lot! You scarred me for life…


  6. haha scared?

    by that i don’t mean richard the one fockin, it’s his films. parang since high school pa tayo, sya na nasa sinehan pag feb14

  7. cakiedoodledhere

    Scarred not scared.

    Scarred meaning gave me scars.

    Pero oo nga, you’re right.

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