Maria Clara VS Mara Clara

“Rizal saw a woman (in Maria Clara) who was firm, clean, honest, graceful, devout, dignified, modest, tender and true; and if, as some say, our generation must now consider such a woman ‘obsolete,’ then God help our generation?”
Nick Joaquin, The Novels of Rizal: An Appreciation

Yep, this one's a turon Samurai!

Yep, this one's a turon Samurai!

Joaquin published this work in the early 50s. And if he might as well have re-published it in the 2000s, I couldn’t have helped my self than to re-post it in here too. The aphorism was very truthful and piercing, I suddenly felt the urge to find someone with all the adjectives he mentioned and preserve her genes. I would have to clone her, and prevent her from dying. And now, we have the feminists, contrary to Maria Clara as the concept, who cry out liberation. What is “liberation” for them anyway? Amada in the The Summer’s Solstice? I once subjected my thoughts on an unpublished thesis I unearthed in CMC lately, saying that the perception of women as conservatives and traditionalists translates to patriarchy in the country, and so I got perplexed more. What are feminists actually talking about?

So… women are hitting on me lately. Seriously, women as in a concept. Hehe. First, I have a group topic in Comm Res 101 (The Effects of the FHM’s 100 Sexiest List on Filipino Women’s Self-esteem, or something like that!). Second, I have a classmate in FA 28 who looks a lot like one of my past “special” friends in high school. Wahh!


Ivy treated us in Gilligan’s in Trinoma, for her 19th birthday. There she is in the pic below beside me wearing blue. Of course, pasaway ako at nakatalikod. Lol. Anyway, I was with Twigs, Charmaine, EJ, Moks plus her beau, Ariel. After lunching, we crazed around in Dairy Queen, and then in TimeZone, and had fun doing that air hockey thing. Coolness!

The night after, I slouched on my bed and ruminated if I was already happy with what was happening days before Christmas day. And I felt incomplete. I thought that junior life has been the most exciting year for me, and I need to spice it up more. Finally, I ruminated (again) on joining a non-CMC org as to not box my self in the mass media confines. I though instantly of UP Debate Society, and figured I’ve got a few friends there, and so I immediately SMSed Jovan. He frankly replied that what I’ll be needing to get in are…

JOVAN: Hmm. Mga 3 months ung app process, 30 tambay hours, 10 tambay debates, 5 adjudications, 5 committee internships, 3 graded debates at isang mini-tournament. […]
BARRY: Harsh sa dami! Sorry, I’m really overwhelmed.

I was kinda disappointed of the heftiness of the requirements, even though I know it’ll be worth it. But really, Comm Res 101 plus 18 other units is already tormenting.

I was left over-thinking again, knowing that my supposedly 8:30-4 PM Friday schedule would be bearably okay since ALL my professors in those classes announced beforehand that we ain’t having classes anymore. Sweet! I nearly thought of not going to school, but I can’t stay at home and sulk for a day. I SMSed Gerard, a high school friend, who’s a UP freshman and asked if I could sit-in in his classes, from pure boredom, and since I was free all day. Unfortunately, he said he’d be having Math 53 and Chem something, so I was like, “Yuck. No way!”

What A Week, oh Women!

What A Week, oh Women!


I woke up feeling some vertigo, and sensed that I should go back to sleep for it’s only four in the morning, but when I checked my cell phone, I was dazed that it was already almost seven. What? Yep, the rainy and cloudy sky was a horror. I thought I was in the ‘zombie scene’ in Black Narcissus. When I came into my senses, I just thought of just doing Comm Res stuff in school. Whatta nerd.

At 10 in the misty morning, I schmoozed briefly with orgmate Jerson– who was in DUP’s Atang- about “class struggle” in theatre productions. I mean, he was sober with it, and in what he was blurting out, I discerned how Marxist he was in that aspect. Hehe. After some time, I did some Comm Res research, and came down and saw Fave Ruth and Twilight Girl Patty.

PATTY: I met John Lloyd!

Apparently, I’m no fan of his, but getting star struck is wow, different.
After library shit, I lunched with my blockmates in the College of Music, wherein I got that lengthy turon in the banner picture. Yep, at the top is me, posing in the lagoon walkway, as if to attack sternly with that 10-bucks-wrapped-fried-banana. Moving on, Twigs actually dragged me to sit-in in her Creative Writing 100 class. To record, it was my first time to sit-in in some class. What a shocker!

The professor was Sir Capili, and he was very casual in the discussion. He was making sense in every thing that he said, and I was cool with it. He was criticizing how the Greeks patronized the angular features of the human being, saying that as Pinoys, we should learn to appreciate our own physical aspects of roundness, or in his noble words: siopao at puson. He declared how awed he was with Ploning actress Judy Ann Santos, shattering the show business myth that you need to show skin to climb to stardom. And Juday never did, he said.

Twigs helpfully accompanied me along AS walk for a random organization to sign up for. Alas, there was none interesting for me. We headed back to CMC, and along the notorious Beta Way, I saw Gerard! Lol. I never bothered to tell sorry that I didn’t fuckin sit-in his Math class anyway. Oops.

Then in CMC, I directed to the almost-concluding Coffee Write, a casual discussion on non-fiction. I was dumfounded that Playboy magazines were on everyone’s palms. Hence, I got my self the December 2008 issue, too. And it was my first item of it ever! Lol. It appeared apparently that one of the speakers was a writer in that publication.

I briefly hung out with Cake after, with her “after-sex” look. Haha. And as contrast is that she’s wearing a top with “NERD” on it.

And so, umm, that was MY POST about women. Haha.

Last night. I righteously SMSed that I’m joining UP DebSoc no matter what. But Jovan replied that they’d be opening application for the next school year only. So that was it. On the other hand, my blockmate Amae who’d be finally finishing her Philippine Collegian editor-in-chief term, would be joining me next year. UPDS, here we come! Hehe.

Long incoherent post noh?


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. cakiedoodledhere

    Wahahaha… My nerdy after sex look is so FINE!

    I look hot, modesty aside.

  2. of course, you did. haha.

  3. hisnameisdencios

    is that a new issue of playboy? is it good? as good and as juicy as FHM?

  4. hisnameisdencios

    more women barry.. bitin.. lol (kidding..)

  5. gusto ko ng turon samurai 😀 salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko

  6. to dencios: what did i say about patriarchy? haha

    to kengkay: it’s sold 10 bucks in the college of music, UP diliman. kinda comes in handy if you’re mad at someone, don’t you think? hehe

  7. mukang masarap yang samurai na yan ha… nakakamatay sa inggit… hehe!;-)

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