Not Hot!

Had someone thought of you having like a crush on him/her? A girl, for example, would be whimsical enough to think that indeed, you share some romantic interests on her. Wherein, of course, the usual mistake would be that actually, you hell don’t like her. You’re just being a pious gentleman or a wacky extrovert, and she’d be thinking more profound intentions from those works of mercy. What if, she then leaks it to her girlfriends, and you’d be, you know, surprised that hey, everyone thinks that you’re kissing THAT girl’s rear for, uhh, love? Have you had this experience yet?

Barry, Ivy Cay, Kelvin and Jean

Barry, Ivy Cay, Kelvin and Jean

Honestly, I had. As expected, the girls sometimes turned out to be my actual crush. And it added some kilig points for that matter. But there were also times when these narcissistic, overconfident and galling individuals were officially underneath my standards. I mean, were they even thinking when they imagined that I’d like them?

I do not intend entirely to be mayabang or “feeling” for this affair. But come on, assuming it sternly and insisting it on other individuals are close to my Back-Off-From-Me meter. The concept of liking someone (or “crush”) is sane, lovely, artistic and blissful. It’s not just some crappy indiscriminate issue, right? Please do tell me I’m correct.

With Riziel

Moving on, I was supposedly vacant yesterday from academics but I engaged my self on the last three days before Christmas break. I signed-up for UP Circle of Entrepreneurs by chance last weekend through text. And for that, I went to their outreach party in Batino Elementary School, behind St. Briget School, yesterday morning, as to comply additional tambay hours. I haven’t met my co-applicants yet- being a late one (I missed the orientation and the acquaintance party! Yelp!).

At lunch, I exited the charity work- yes, I just did philanthropy- and directed to UP. I met with UP MCO orgmates Ana Tan and Simon, and talked about the Christmas party for this Wednesday night. I’m kinda excited for this one, being my first yuletide party ever in this org. Lol.

And then at two o’clock, I waited with a few blockmates on the UP Theatre steps anticipating the Faculty Follies (Hagikhikan 2008), wherein the professors would appear as fools on stage and entertain us for real. Twas the usual Teachers’ Day event; only this time, they performed for us and 100Php tickets were requisite for entrance.

Hagikhikan 1008AS usual, it started a half-hour late from three PM. There was a stand-up one who sang Pinoy novelty songs with all the musical extravaganzas. Subsequently, the hair-raising UP Pep Squad peppered the audience, and even did this Sugod Tribo! routine- where they failed to present perfectly back in the most recent cheerdance competition.

Next, the show’s pseudo-host entered in drag, and introduced the usual stint of pseudo-auditions and the pseudo-producer judges it after. The “judge” was of course Luis Sison[?]. From then on, the various personalities from selected colleges- I labeled as the “brassy” colleges- scampered to the limelight and be made fun of by the thousand students who have suffered under them.

Diliman Chancellor Sergio Cao did this corny song number, and exhibited some skin and booties there. The professors followed from:

  • the College of Human Kinetics and Asian Institute of Tourism, who demonstrated some ridiculous dance moves and showdowns, but totally funny in a way;
  • the College of Fine Arts, who were entertaining enough for male viewers, if you know what I mean;
  • the College of Architecture who looked as if they were building a mine site beneath the platform;
  • the College of Arts and Letters, who came with great abundance of human resources, with a jeering drama of Matatalino VS Magaganda, but only to get their cheers drowned by the other musical instruments (boo!); and
  • the College of Mass Communication, finally, who almost only got applauses at the beginning and end of their Plaridel Project Runway thing.

For the last stretch, the heavily curled UP President Emerlinda Roman whipped out a The Carpenters song- with that velvety lyrics of Shalala…(now I remember! It’s Yesterday Once More!). Then there were also some Dreamgirls-like trio. The overall act ended as the pseudo-TV network had cancelled the pseudo-show for good, and then suddenly the UP president remarks, with the appropriate sound effects, “Di bale nang walang nanalo, basta may nagbibigayan,” or something like that. The cheesy line signaled the abrupt gathering of the professors from backstage, and went on screeching the beautiful “Seasons of Love.”

Faculty Follies

Overall, the show was utterly disappointing
. I didn’t expect it to be a complete, you know, knowing that artistes in the university know how to rock it. Whatever happened to our hundred bucks? I sensed some inevitable delusions when the host was saying that there’ll be more surprises for the seven PM show. What does that exactly mean: We were corrupted of our ticket pricing again? When Cao and/or Roman was/were becoming clowns on stage, was it just me or the UP students, especially the activists, were to cheerfully civilized not to boo them? Were the professors backstage who happened to be contradictive of each other didn’t bother to bicker at all? Lots of thoughts, so little time.

Technically, I know that the professors shed their shame and dignity to do what they just did onstage. BRAVO for that. But seriously, I wasn’t elated enough. Not even by my home college of Mass Comm. All those deconstructions were not thrilling at most part of the show. Man, no offense to the producers, performers, and staff, but… give us back our 100 bucks.


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  1. aw. masyado nang naghihirap ang mundo dahil sa global economic crisis tapos sinayang pa nila yung sandaang piso nyo… tsk.

  2. wow ang high ng standards mo ha!
    haha, sandy seemed to enjoy it, or so i think.

  3. c’mon! haha. barry. galit na galit ka. ramdam na ramdam ko. :p

  4. to patty: yeah haha yabang eh. punta kang xmas party! sandy watched kasi the 7PM show, baka mas okay yun.

  5. CEAT (College of Engineering) won the Follies sa LB.

    Sa lahat pala ng UP Units yun! Haha. Di ako nakapanood nung samen. 😛

    But really, I wouldn’t want to see my ruthlessly hated profs dancing and singing and acting like that. Eww.

  6. too bad, i was required since my profs were performing.

    and oh, nadisappoint pa ko.

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