Carnivals and Magic Sing Cannibals

It was actually just more or less five days ago when I was in hyper mode. I was so jubilant, and giddy, and squeaky I felt I just overdosed from drugs. But before you ever think of me that way, here’s the story.



DECEMBER 17. SUPER LATE POST. Wednesday. At 10 in the morning, I jogged my ass to Araneta Center, Cubao, to find some present for my UP MCO monita. I was so dumb at choosing some stuff I ended up buying a girlie book, since she’s… a GURL.
After lunch, I then proceeded to UP and finished some org matters (read: OICA sponsorship) before the traffic in the whole university heats up, and I mean including those in the offices. As soon as I submitted it, I hung out briefly with some cool Journ friends and blockmates before I brisk-walked to the College of Fine Arts. I gathered around my groupmates already in their jazzed costumes, and umbrellas to get ready for the parade. I was so excited that I even went to the grocery in Shopwise that morning and bought us “baon,” as to provide us some helpful supply of energy.

CPJ Cool Journalists of the Philippines

CPJ Cool Journalists of the Philippines

At about 4PM, the parade started and I was looking dumb ass with my costume. Our group of four had costumes so different, but we were so innately clever we instantly thought of making a theme out of its cosmic cluelessness. Gaby was a present, which contained the Harajoku doll (red-haired Erica) and the toy soldier (Skip). And I was the four-year-old kid who played with them. Kinda smart, right? Lol. The other group who was so bonded with us from the start went as cute petite dolls! And mind you, everyone in FA28 and the whole college in general was so fuckin ready for an art exhibition. We felt like routing every piece of “feeling” artists in the audience!

Lantern Pareade Fun

Lantern Pareade Fun

The four-hour parade was tiring, exhausting and draining. It sort of reminded me of my band geek days. Seriously, above all, I thought I was the laziest parade-r in town, like I rarely swirled my umbrella on the street sightseers which was essentially my job. Instead, I lifted out the chips in my backpack, and went as the classic brat boy– which by the way was my costume. Internalization. In character.

People who knew us were shrieking like malevolent groupies. Personally, my CMC friends took a picture of me, and burst in laughter subsequently. It was a weird feeling actually, especially when we were in front of the College of Engineering, and some friends of mine in the crowd roared my name. At first, I didn’t bother to look back: Maybe it just sounded like my name. Larry? Carrie? But eventually, those punks shouted my FULL NAME and I was like of no choice but to give them a “Ssshhh!” index finger signal! Lol. Crazy people.

We even bumped at our sides celebrities like Tuesday Vargas and Gabe Mercado. At the end of the parade, we all felt like sitting on wheel chairs on our way home. Yelp!

8:00 PM. My original plan was to exit the grounds before the anticipated exodus. That is, after the grand fireworks. I was looking for my blockmates, for our planned dinner in Katipunan, but miserably failed to because the messaging network in the vicinity was jammed! I sat with my FA friends in CMC, in my own college, but bizarrely I felt so helpless. My cellphone was practically pasted on my ears for thirty impatient minutes as I called them up, and heard nothing but a beep, and then the call died down. I was at my wits, and terribly feeling the urge to shout. Wah! Audrey, an orgmate, met up with me so we could go to White Plains for the UP MCO Christmas Party together. Whew! I finally decided to ditch the block dinner since I had no chance of locating them that night. I got even more freaked out when a text message slipped luckily to my inbox: One of my blockmates texted, “We’re here in the scaffolding that faces CMC.” But for some reason, I was an imbecile who didn’t understand the word “scaffolding” for thirty minutes. WTF is a scaffolding?!

Not to mention, some Broad Comm guy, together with some Journ dudes, indiscriminately neared me to borrow my camera shortly after he lost his, and he urgently needed it for a requirement for one of his majors. I don’t know if I was a jackass, or just extraordinarily nice to having it lent to him. I was distrustful since hello, he lost his, he can also lose mine too. “Give it back in five minutes,” I said. “Kaya,” one of them blurted. Thirty minutes, it was, after I got it. Wow, I should congratulate them for making my night beautiful.

I didn’t appreciate the grandiose pyrotechnics, for the reason that I was honestly in the worst mood. Anyway, those guys took the video for me. But you know what I mean, right? Am I callous, you guys?

After some headaches, Audrey and I finally went out of UP and rode a cab to the party. It was 10 PM when we got there, and bravo, there were still lots of people. I was in a surreal disposition finally having seen the alumni (a.k.a. gurang MCOers, according to Ate Bev, lol!). The project head, Simon, pulled off the whole thing. He arranged games, in which one of them was a raffle one, and I happily got my self a… scrapbook-ish notepad, you know, that one which looked like made from natural cow’s dung. The exchanging of gifts was awesome coz I think I got what I asked for: and ARTWORK cap. Rach picked my name beforehand, and the brown cap was really really really trendy! Thanks Rach! My monita on the other hand wasn’t present, and so I was like, okay. The org party, which was my first in three years of membership, properly ceased at almost midnight.

But of course, the fun didn’t halt. I managed to haul Rona, Kea and Jean to sleep over Ana Tan’s. Jedd was with us in the first part of the sing-along, and profoundly, we were on a high. With the pathetically sober people of love around me, Magic Sing was never that fun. You haven’t heard Jean and Jedd sing, have you? You haven’t witnessed Rona’s way of performing- this lady madly grooved to September, and swayed to Total Eclipse of the Heart, have you?! FUN FUN FUN!



After we exerted some adrenaline or alcoholic rush in there, we played some PlayStation 3 for a while, and wound up to the realization that that Roller Coaster game is anti-Marxist! Lol. At around four dawn, everyone was about to snooze from constantly talking about love lives, as I detail my self as a full-time functionalist. And because obviously it was off-tangent, we had an endless mirth before finally settling to the sheets. I was the one who last slept, making Ana Tan conclude that I Am A Vampire. Hehe.

To those who neglected to catch up in the slumber party, my tongue’s out on you guys. Lol. Ana’s hospitable parents and maids, plus his mammoth house patched up my earlier disappointments.


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  1. i saw ria. magkaklase pala kayo. hahaha!
    sayang di ako nakapag-partey. malayo at late na. tsk.

  2. the afterparty really sounds a lot of fun. i’m so inggit.

    thanks barry! glad you liked the cap. andami kayang emo caps sa artwork! hehe XD

  3. kktwa bagay mo hehhe

  4. i’m so pa-bida in your pictures ha! 😀 hahaha.
    kahit puro pisngi at braso, ok lang. 😉

    have a happy holiday barry!

  5. aww FUN TALAGA ;D i was glad to have you guys ;D happy holidays vamp! 😀

  6. I missed that talk! T_T

  7. to jau: yes, she’s a fun fun girl!
    to rach: yeah, thats why imkinda shifting to my “signature” store. whahaha
    to patty: you too patty! as i’ve said it, “YOU’VE TRANSFORMED!”

  8. AWW I hate monito-monitas. I never got what I asked for. Never.

    Also, I should’ve at least attended to the last few minutes of your Lantern Parade version. Ours wasn’t really that hyper (actually, hindi ako nakapunta non, LOL).

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