Voltaire Y Ambithiotho

Feeling TouristsI was hanging out with a really few of my high school pack yesterday to commemorate our nth plaza dawdling. I mean, if you live in Metro Vigan, you have absolutely no choice where to roam around with sufficient civilization but around the sanitary plazas. I could recall a priest who once spoke that the city was most remembered with “horse shits.” Lol. I’m cool with the place; it’s so packed with tourists every time, which does not necessarily mean that I especially eye on them. Anyway…

So we were kinda bored with each other, and the walking part was almost a ritual, hence we tackled on more serious topics like seeing ourselves in five or more years. That is mainly because, Keneth who was with us already finished Southville school and way ahead of us. The only thing that has been keeping him “busy” is waiting for fresh episodes of Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, and the likes. The greater we feel envious on him, the more he narrates how he feels lonely and alienated now that his student life is over. [View Pics Here]

The friends, the professors, the daily commuting, the morons who pass by you, yeah, if you put it that way, I’d say that I would totally miss school later.

But of course, being successful with your own earned money on your easy disposal is another charming matter to get by graduation. It would be a surreal feeling of independence and bachelorhood.

And ultimately, if I already had earned BIG BIG BIG BIG enough, independent enough, and a bachelor, I would really like to spend some time to fulfill my lovely escapade. I would like me to be in a foreign city, with no South and West Asians (sorry, I’m a racist!), where the night is slightly more felt than the day. I’d be living in a huge hotel, and my suite would be practically passable for a self-hosted party. I’d be in my goody-goody jacket, T-shirt, shorts, and shoes: A “preppy-beach” attire. But I dislike the oceanic ambiance, so I’d prefer a city one wherein the noise and light polluton never ceased, and me in a city that never sleeps. I’d be just walking around appreciating the smooth traffic and the coffe sips I occasionally take. You know, the independence attained and me walking around the city buying what I want, satisfying my black hole-like tummy, attempting to look good, and all. And it’ll be funny if I’d be friends with fellow “tourists.” And I’d be having a state-of-the-art digital SLR. And like, there’d be no goons on the street. And that would be totally cool, you know. Hey, what’s your ideal escapade?


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. MUNICH!

    Will be spending most of my time watching football live. Bayern Munich, gaaah.

    (And oh, hey, I love West Asians! I think they’re hot. haha. :P)

  2. oh, i forgot, love the snow things dito sa blog mo. haha. ANong theme ‘to? 😛

  3. the snow theme? nasa extras hehehe

    sorry racist talaga ako, no matter how hot you think of them.

  4. hongkong! it’s a city tourist spot. you’ll like it there if you dont like the oceanic ambiance. ay kaso island yun, so may mga water factor. labo. =)

  5. I can feel that you want to fulfill your lovely escape in Europe (or any western country at that, where night is more felt than day)!

    But I think it depends of how you defined “felt”. There are active nights in South America too! 😀

    *Speaking a la travel agent*

  6. actually im more of a north American. it’s just that i envious that almost entirely all my father side first-degree relatives are living there. haha.

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