If you attempt to make a movie that’ll attempt to drive your “nationalistic” senses of cinema away, put out a gazillion cast, spend on horrific special effects, and brainstorm some corny jokes, and officially, you are ready to go. Tony Y. Reyes’s Iskul Bukol… 20 Years After is an exceptional model in that spectrum of nutty movies.



My apologies to the Iskul Bukol patriots but in reality, I never watched an episode of it. Hello, I was born in the nineties. I had to explore the net to be familiar of it anyway. I couldn’t ask senior relatives of mine about it, coz maybe they’d strangle me the moment I would blurt that the movie version was… trash.

I grew disappointed enough though. I told myself that It Is A Vic Sotto Movie therefore, expect for the unlikely. Still, my gathered ire on the Enteng Kabisote series was erased from the fact that Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon are joining the lead this time. I essentially do not Tito because of his political spark, but I almost entirely adore Joey. He can be a jack ass and everything but hey, he’s way too clever than the other media baboons. Who else can manage to rule about every Philippine medium and get known in it aside from Joey, Korina Sanchez, Howie Severino and the others?

Anyway, Vic Ungasis is now an archeologist. And to cut it short, a Japanese sociopath is now hunting an artifact that could bring him immortality. Vic knows how to find it, and that’s the story. Period. All the other side stories and dialogues do not count to bring the decent story interesting.

I’m sorry to keep the story short, but I’m trying to make my reviews moderate. Bye!


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  1. cool?! there’s nothing cool in here! lol.

  2. i’ve seen the trailer and i thought that its gettin the hell out of me. poor special effects x confused with the flow of the story x korni jokes. isang factor din ung fact na wala rin akong napanood kahit isang episode whatever ng skul bukol. coz yah, 90’s din ako pinanganak. lol. mas natawa pa ako sa trailer ng tanging ina nyong lahat. although predictable ung lines nya. haha. peace.

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