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The Best Jam in the World

Patience is a virtue, so goes the cliche. But seriously, time is deemed like gold. So wasting any time, for any college student, is relevantly not an option. Last night, I was trying to control my remaining two ounces of patience as I waited for an FX ride home. I actually do not want to narrate the whole tragedy but anyway, I waited for more than two hours for that… vehicle. Traffic jam in Aurora-Katipunan-Barangka was unspeakable last night. I felt as if I was ravishingly mogged, or something. I couldn’t contain my trembling knees and sore toes which were almost penetrating the soil with human roots. Que horror!

Dialectal Variation?Anyway, where was I these past days? School, of course; suffering the strange weather for the hectic schedule I do have. And since ranting academic nonsense is not going anywhere to boost this stupid blog’s ratings, I hope that the following pictoblog would satisfy you, my friends (if indeed we are really friends). ( + )

Review of Related Torture

What’s up with CommRes101? I survived aced Socio101 which is allegedly the twin of the first, and I got a wondrous 28/50 from my Introduction/RR L draft?! Which is kinda understandable given that the library was shut during the entire Holidays (actually, I was enjoyin vacation), and the research break was… Christmas break!

Dreo Barry Che Jean

Dreo Barry Che Jean

Updating more sensibly soon…

In Defense of…

I know blogging hiatus is sinful especially for the online freaks like me. But forgive me, my minions. Internet connection is recently scarce. And Netopia and mall computer shops could only do so much.


A bunch of Journ friends and I were schmoozing (thanks to Comm Res101) last Wednesday about, yes, Gossip Girl. I watch it, mind you. I mean, I have a guy friend who watch Daisy Siete and the like. So no labels, please. Anyway, so those journ dudettes were passionately pro-Blair. Waldorf They apparently like the virginal beauty, who’s perfectly intelligent, uptight and ceaselessly boring. They seemed to distance Serena (her counterpart) away from the girlfriend material type. I like Blair but you see, a girl with an adventurous a.k.a. wild side of her is a treasure needed to be preserved. ( Read more… )

Why Don’t You Come to Your Senses?

Surreal Women

Surreal Women

In a season more familiar with everyone as a social escape, it is advisable to go to the movies and be totally away from the negative pulses in the real world. The movies that were shown in the Metro Manila Film Festival have been celebrated by a lot of the Filipino population for this cause. At least three are comic while one is animated.

And what is to be happier this season than to watch comedy, right? Tony Reyes’s Iskul Bukol: 20 Years After and Joel Lamangan’s Desperadas 2 are top-billed by famous comediennes in the industry, and would predictably bring the house, or movie house, down. ( why don’t you let somebody love you? )