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Hugh Can’t Stop That

Congratulations to Heath!

Congratulations to Heath!

81st Annual Academy Awards: It’ so weird how Hugh Jackman acted like a complete silly foolhardy Jack-ass during the show. Haha. The opening number was for the win. Special thanks to Anne Hathaway. ( drumroll please… )

No Hard Feelings

DISCLAIMER: No, I do not belong to any political party in or out of the university. No, I never am and never was a political analyst. No, I am not informative to any rules and ethics regarding campaigns. And no, I’m no saint.

Beforehand, I decided not to blog anything about campus politics within the scope of hardboiled commenting, like what I did last year. I thought that the urge to write something I am too inept could ruin my chances of harnessing journalistic viewpoints. I felt that I had no right.

But when this year’s college miting de avance transpired yesterday, I salvaged my few mature thoughts on the matter: from how the candidates articulated their ideas to how much substance their ideas had, or lack thereof. Mudslinging was always fun to watch, with some candidates stuttering down to their low self-esteems and some blabbering endlessly without actually answering the question. I couldn’t think which was worse.

( I hope I’m making sense in here. I hope I don’t make enemies as well. Lol!!! )

Para Kay B

There’s something apparently wrong with me. I tend to dwell on my case of having no internship station yet. I mean, I don’t know but really, all media groups could just reject me right now, but not, oh please, the magazines! Yelp! I have become inattentive too on other school pressures because of this acute depression-inattentive to the point of dull.


Yesterday, I forgot to retrieve my laid Fibrella along the Fine Arts corridor, so I have to return to that remote college later just to have it back. Seriously, I can’t lose something like that! To add to my oblivion, I also forgot to take my change in a sari-sari store yesterday evening. That was a whopping 15 bucks, for God’s sake! Pang-load rin yun noh.

( Meet my new crush! You know you love her… )

Intern-al Dilemma

The Summer Intern FreakFor us journalism juniors, it’s the season of filling out innocuous bond papers with self-serving titles, the ones emcees mention to introduce a judge in a talent competition, for example. But for us, we write down every honor and achievement we could think of, excluding of course “Most Neat” and the likes. We need to impress the media, advertising, PR, etc. companies to make our persona impressive. To make ourselves get in… as labor-abused interns.

I admit of being oddly excited of my summer internship. In my freshman year (yes, that early!), I told my self that I’ll be working under GMA-7, not because I’m a Kapuso (neither a Kapamilya), but because I thought a media corporation as huge as this would be helpful to dazzle up my graduate résumé. And GMA is specifically more welcoming to fresh UP CMC graduates, to add. But I figured recently, what if I am tasked to do things I don’t like, being hardcore in the news field, for example. ( Read more… )